Billy Brooke (@will_d_rooke)

So posing practice has to start despite calorie surplus. I have best excuse for lame posing, left side no proprioception, and spatial agnosia due to TBI. If I can see it, I can correct, until then, repetition beats competence! #nattyforlife #tallbodybuilder #posingismyweakness

Heather (@fitnlovinit)

A lot of women approach me saying that they lift weights but don’t get results. My first question is always “what do you eat?”. It’s not about supplements but more about diet. I have always been a woman who eats more food rather than too little. I believe that is why I grow. Lots of carbs and sufficient protein. I enjoy surrounding my workouts with carbs so that I am glycogen strong 💪🏻 LOL.
When I completed my calorie intake was still higher than an average person’s daily intake. Make sure to feed your body and support muscle growth! If it’s hard to eat more food slowly introduce an additional meal each day. With increased consumption comes the appetite. Get it!!!! #nutrienttiming#supportmusclegrowth#carbsaregood #nattyforlife#figurepro#fitspo#longlegs#musclebooty

Cory Nelson (@corince06)

Few pictures from my back day a few days ago. Thickness is def starting to come in and I’m pumped about the progress I am making.
#teamnatty #nattyforlife #noidonttakesteroids #butthanksfornoticing #backday #latspread #gymlife #fitness #dedication #inked #inkedmuscle #dadswholift #GiJoeMeetsBarbie

Bianca Rose (@fitchick_bianca)

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a physique update so here we are! Currently 6 & 8 weeks out from my spring shows, the @officialocb_page Pro Uprising and @anbfnatural Pro Nationals. Sitting 8lbs above my previous stage weight but I’m predicting that I’ll come in heavier than my last show because #gains 💪🏼 anxious to see the final product!!

Swiggsy (@michael_swiggs)

Progress update. Weight is rising. Feeling drained all the time. Lots of caffeine. Upping the calories. Waist is currently the size of a oil drum. 🛢️ 👍🏻 P.S excuse the Tren spot on my bicep. Jokes #nattyforlife
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Official_Armando (@armando.abeso)

THIS BITCH KENNY.K.O. Always talking about this fakes nattys so much hate, talk about the real nattys🤷🏾‍♂️

Jatin Bhatia (@jatin.bhatia08)

I would give up carbs but i am not a quitter!

Mark (@markmefit)

We have a one way ticket to our dreams, don't lose that ticket, because you will never see what is there or what is waiting for you if you do. That is the only key to your destination and that ticket is the most important thing to arrive to your destination. Even if it takes 3, 5 or even 10 years of traveling, don't lose your ticket. Time will come and you'll see the end of your journey and you won't think of how long you took care of your dream ticket, to stop at your destination. And when you're there, you get to finally say, every ticket in your life suddenly makes sense.---markternora.interested for online coaching follow my Ig @markmefit or hit me here. #roadtonbfa2018 #nattyforlife #nbfafam #athleteinspiration #fitinspiration #asthetiqueph #teampegasus #natural.

Palash Gupta (@palashtechiee)

Done and dusted. Reached New PR :160kg conventional​ deadlift with front grip. If a natural guy like me can do this, so can you. Let's see how far I can go on my current strength and hypertrophy program before it ends. One step at a time. Stay injury free. #chooseyourmentorswisely #Nattyforlife #naturalbodybuilding #grind #dayindayout

Jatin Bhatia (@jatin.bhatia08)

The only one who can tell you what do in the gym and what not to do is your own body!!
P.S Unless i close my eyes or make stupid faces, i dont get a mind muscle connection😂

VeronicaTfish_🎣 (@str5_4_g8_thighs)

****4 weeks out 2017*** lmao too late to fix.
Blaming this one on prep 🧠BRAIN! 💥 DISCLAIMER 💥
I may lose people on this post.
#nattyforlife #justkidding 🙀
Natural Body Building
Since I feel the subject has come up so often I figure this would be an opportunity to give my thoughts.
1. I do not care if you use or do not use steroids that is your choice.
2. I do not use them.
3. This is what a 6 month off season/ posing practice will get you with about 80% dedication in those 6 months. Meaning I was 100% dedicated to the gym and 100% dedicated to eating what I wanted in the off season 😂.
4. Honestly though, it doesn’t matter if you do, don’t or did take. That’s your story to tell and not mine. I’m 100% natural and just showing you my progress.
I have some real hard goals to hit for my next off season. Those revolve moving weight and possibly a kid 😏 after my show season.
Keeping it real ✌️ Plus I admire the Big Leagues their dedication is just as hard to this sport as mine ❤️

Francis Banks (@buttemuscle34)

Positive vibes obtain positive results. Stay true to yourself self respect and love is key. Love yourself so you can offer your fullness to the world. Remember others can join you on your journey but no one can walk it for you. #selflove #selfrespect #nattyforlife #aesthetics #fitnessmotivation #lifemotivation