Taylor Samudio (@somoodyo)

Deload week. Boring.. but necessary.
This movement kinda gets some weird looks, it takes forever and it hurts like a mofo. Hits that long-head of the tricep nice and deep.
It's basically an extended skull crusher.
Try it with some light weight and barely to failure and you'll feel it.

Nutrition📍Fitness📍Positivity (@cukiphysique)

What did you train today? It was back and biceps day for me 💪🏽

patricelee05 (@fitnesslady36)

Today was rough, exhausted and emotions running up and down. Didn't feel like pushing weight, but I remembered why I started
Wildin Out Wednesday "Leg Day" 😁
Solo workouts are getting better and better. You have to push yourself to become stronger physically and mentally, most important know your limits and continue to set goals .
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Zach Muñoz (@zachmunoz)

2015 Orlando Fitness Universe

Zach Muñoz (@zachmunoz)

18 Reps of 225lbs...next time ill have to hit the 20 mark. Subscribe to the Unaltered Athletics Youtube Channel to stay up to-date on all the workout routine videos we have coming out💪