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Many of us laugh or sneer when someone walks up to you and offers you a food supplement.
We often think that the person just wants to make money, we fail to realise in this day and age food supplements are now a necessity.
1.The soil has been depleted of trace elements and farmers use chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides which deplete value nutrients in fruits and vegetables.
2.Fruits and vegetables do not reach us fresh. Preservatives end up destroying a lot of nutrients

3.No matter how good Storage & freezing depletes nutrient content.

4.Cooking methods destroy a large portion of nutrients. Some tribes over boil their vegetables so that the end product is shaft
5.Too much refined foods in our diets today and hardly any one gets enough fibre

6 Unbalanced diet. The average meal is full of carbohydrates very little vegetables, no fruits and often excessive protein

7.Chlorine in our drinking water. How pure is the "pure" water

8.Inhalation of fumes and gases on a day to day basis or working in industrial area with chemicals

9. Did you know white sugar can deplete the body from essential vitamins. Yet an average person takes a lot of sugar
10. Infrequent meals and the use of fast and convenient foods.

11.Chemical buildup from some of our drugs and the contra indications they carry

So supplement your diet, it is necessary and you will find that a lot of ailments will disappear.
How do I know which one to choose as there are many on the market..
I can recommend SWISSGARDE.
Food supplements that have been tried and tested, reducing High blood pressure, reversing prostrate enlargement , infertility, diabetics, Rheumatism etc Do you want to know more about which one will work for you. Call Ukay your Alternative Health Provider #234 -08035036962
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Allow this Daily Affirmation go straight to your heart🙏🏼
Cyndi Lauper said it best... 'I see your true colors and that's why I love you'
I damn nearly lost sight of that this weekend about one of the most special relationships in my life.
How do you balance your needs with what The Universe wants you to grow from?

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Enjoyed some ME time taking care of my mind, body and spirit in the dead sea salted therapeutic waters at @bodyblitzspa this weekend.
No stress. No problems. No streets. No noise. Just me. My thoughts. Reflecting. Contemplating. Clearing the mental clutter. Lifting the cloud. Drawing priorities in order to align my days with only that which I value most. .
Relaxed. Refreshed. Rejuvenated. Renewed. Recharged... De-stressed ❤️
📷 Enrich McVey .
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Horse chestnut is a seasonal treasure I loved hunting for as a child. Regrettably they are not edible like sweet chestnut, however they are medicinal. The nuts, flowers, bark, and leaves can all be used for different medicinal purposes. An extract of the nuts is used for venous insufficiency and hemorrhoids. The leaf extract is used for menstrual pain, inflammation, arthritis, and eczema. The bark is used for dysentery and malaria. The flowers can also be used but reliable information is patchy.

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ZERO-WASTE (ISH) BATH STUFF / I NEED HELP -- Afternoon, folks! Just thought I'd update you all on my zero-waste journey. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to do it with food/groceries, but I know I can take the plastic out of my bath and beauty routines if I try hard enough. On the left are a shampoo ("seanik" -- blue) bar and a conditioner bar ("jungle" -- green) from Lush. I LOVE the shampoo bar because it provides a noticable amount of volume and seems to create a good lather without me having to scrub my scalp with it for ages. However, using the conditioner bar does require a lot of "scrubbing," and it's disappearing fast. I think I've only used it 4 times and it's already almost gone! 🙁 Although the product itself works fine, I'm not sure if I want to keep buying it 1-2x a month. Gonna try a vinegar rinse and see how that works for me, but I'm really not one of those gals who can skip conditioner. Also pictured are a tin of baking soda (I use this instead of body wash), a handy, double-sided microfiber cloth, coconut oil, and my stupid plastic razor. Again, I need help. Tried using a safety razor for two months this summer and I still have scars from where it broke me out (I have a lot of metal allergies). Oh, and the coconut oil won't stop breaking me out either, so I'm going to try grapeseed oil. 😅 Fractionated coconut oil has worked well for me in the past, but it isn't available in glass bottles where I live. Advice that doesn't involve spending a fortune or quitting shaving? Let me know!

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I've been focusing a lot on sharing about the premium starter kit, because I truly believe that it's the most amazing value and the best way to dive into this lifestyle!! Every oil in the kit is like liquid gold to me, and I use every one of them each day. If you're curious and/or interested in getting started, send me a comment or a DM, I would love to help!!!

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Let's talk about lungs.
The lungs are at the front line of environmental exposure: 2 billion people are exposed to indoor smoke; 1 billion inhale outdoor polluted air; 1 billion exposed to tobacco smoke. More than 65 million people suffer from COPD, the third leading cause of death world wide. Did you know that the chemicals in some cleaning products could cause lung diseases? A 30 year study by Harvard University and the French Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) have found that using bleach and other household disinfectants just once a week increases the risk of developing COPD by nearly a third.
Today is the first ever #WorldLungDay? To help raise awareness we are offering our followers 20% off ALL orders, because we want to promote a safe, chemical free home.
Use the code: WLD2017 | ends 2nd Oc '17 #TINCTURELondon 📷: Pinterest

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Dreams don't work unless you do. Brewing starts now... #aafiyaessentialsatwork #aafiyaessentials

🍃Doula/Childbirth Educator (@aafiyaessentials)

Keep your orders coming cause we are brewing more tonight! 💖 #aafiyaessentialsatwork #aafiyaessentials

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🌸Happy Monday!🌸
We will be going live on FB in a few to show off a new product!
In the meantime, did you know we are on YouTube?
Check the *link in the bio* to see our new video of the Toss It Party Recap! See you soon!
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