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📍 February 22, 2017
📹 Video by: @andreeanna_cathouse
🌎 Location: Unknown
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Photo: @papiapuu
Date: 22.2.2017 ⛄️
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Tazz & Kiwi (@tazzandkiwi)

Well hello there, furrends! We apologize for being so MIA the past couple of months and thank all of you who've stuck with us during our time of absence. We've missed you all terribly, but are looking forward to catching up with you in the next couple of weeks! We have a lot of thank yous to share, so please bare with us as we work on getting through them all! 😸💚🐱💜
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David White (@solar_whisper)

Working that camera, here's our little log lover again , posing for the paps, just loving those happy snaps.
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