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A little shy and sad of eye
But very wise was he #natureboy #gnight🌙

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Photocredit: @earthpix
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There is a scientific concensus that climate change is occuring. Glacial events, changing in timing of seasonal events, agriculutural productivity changes are a few of those said impacts. Climate change policies, the two main ones of which are reducing greenhouse gas emission and adapting to climate change impacts, are beginning to be rolled out worldwide. Current attempts ate aimed at keeping the temperature increase by 2100 to 2 degrees C. Current temperature rates without policy implementation could see that number explose out to 4 degrees. It may not seem like much but that will make detrimental difference to out ability to coexist on this planet. Its great that policies and external solutions are being worked on, but i believe in order to tackle this properly and permanently, people need to also change their behaviours and mindsets from within. To be more conscious of their thoughts, actions and emotions. To gain control of mind body and spirit. Its the place we as a collective must start addressing. All the policy in the world wont have permanent impact if the people of the world who are causing these problems arent in full control of the human mechanism.

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Feeling like #NatureBoy
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Guaranteed rattlesnake rodeo going on in there!! 🐍☀️
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Went by myself to my thinking spot.. knew it'd be amazing at sunset 💚🌲 #positivevibes #trees #ohiosunset #natureboy #soulfood

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It was in his deeply practical, resilient nature to reconfigure and reconstruct.

these magnificent photograph Credit To : @Fashionabaca

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Besides, youre a cat. Its your nature to think youre the center of the universe.

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