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I have the day off today. After I run a few errands and do a few other things I'm going to sit around and edit some of this weekends pics I got while camping with @classicmarissa at the @wichitamountainswildliferefuge

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Autumn on the upper reaches of the Sauk River along the Mountain Loop Highway, from a few years ago. The colors here are more muted than on the east slope of the Cascades but beautiful nonetheless when juxtaposed against the beautiful Sauk River. #autumn #saukriver #washington
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Scott Bond (@wanderbond)

🚔 Just before noon the Cloudcroft sherif received a report of someone sitting in the middle of the (locally) famous Cloud-Climbing Railway trestle. Yeah, there was a sign in 6 languages and a small obstacle, but my last view of the White Sands National Monument glistening miles away in the valley below tempted me to linger a moment too long.
The first officer was waiting for me when I climbed back up the hill. We chatted for a while as we waited for his associates to arrive. Soon the next two sherifs and the game warden were there to greet me as well. They were very interested in my trip and remarked that I must not have a fear of heights; only one of them had ever needed climb out there before. I was told by the warden that the ranger wanted to have a word with me as well, so the lot of us milled about as we waited for him. When he arrived he asked to see the picture I took. I showed it to him and the others, we all agreed it was a good shot. He walked back to his vehicle to run my license. The ranger returned after what seemed like a very long time later and after admonishing me once more for illicitly climbing on their bridge, he handed back my license and told me to give the Cloudcroft law enforcement team a nice shoutout when I posted the picture. Here’s to you Cloudcroft!
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In the middle of storms.

Nancy Casanova (@nancycasanova)

Who wants to sleep on five feet of snow?
I do. ⛺️🙋🏻🌬️❄️
Camping out in the Eastern Sierra's was beautiful. There is SO much snow! 🗻
One of the mornings, I managed to hear an owl hoot for about 2-3 hours. It was so amusing to know that an owl was hanging out a few feet away from our tent. 🦉