Alexana (@igneale)

Kokoris Stone Bridge, Zagorohoria, Greece

🇮🇪 Brady Bigalke (@bradybigalke)

A view of Whitewater Falls, NC from above 🦅

Carl Rasmus (@carl.rasmus)

To day i took a long walk to the old castle chateau de cassis, the Castle is now a luxury hotel so unfortunately i could not get in and enjoy the view... disappointed i turnd a way, i then saw a fence with a worning sign ( camera surveillance ) very close to the Hotel. It was one part of the Castle that had been used durring world war II as a base. I then thought to my self i want to see the view (hesitated for sometime) then it hit me fully commit to what you want or eat chit. So i jumped over and this is a part of the result 🤡😈

Kylie Photography (@travel_dx)

The beauty of the Northern Lights. 📷💖