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I found the colors!!!! 🍂🍁

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My birthday isn't til tomorrow but just wanted to give the biggest shout out to my girls for celebrating with me in the middle of no where this weekend. Y'all are the best and I'm extremely lucky to have you guys in my life. 🖤

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in search for all the colors🍁

Sashaba -goatmom (@thisgoatslife)

🎉It's day 7 of #yogisinthetreez !!🎉
Annnnd day 7 is also Marie's birthday!!!! Say whatttt?! Yessss!!🎉 Happy birthday @outdoorsy yogi !!! 💕💕All the love for yoooooo girl!!!! 💗💗💗 All the love 💕💕💕
So in honor of the lovely Scorpio, Marie, we went with any arachnid pose!! This means scorpion or spider pose!! Orrr whatever beautiful thang you wanna come up with 🙏 I went with spider cuz we. hazzzz. lots. 😂😂😂

Organic cotton outfit by @pawpawyogawear
Combined with my badass @yogapaws ... I'm in the tress in comfort annnnd style 😍 And seriously both are sponsors 🙏
. ✨Don't forget to check out all my beautiful cohosts and their variations for some inspiration 🙏
Round two of #yogisinthetrees .... #yogisinthetreez !!💥
✨ This time we were sharing our love of nature and trees while being #yoganimalz! Just about any and all #treeanimalz you can imagine, in yoga form!! .
🌱Your tree loving hosts:
🌱Our AMAZING lineup of AWESOME sponsors:
. .
Pose lineup: (any questions just dm a host, we don't mind helping with ideas!)
1. Any pigeon
2. Any insect
3. Any dog
4. Any monkey
5. Sloth (or balancing bear)
6. Any bird
7. Arachnid (Scorpion,spider)
8. Owl, turkey (or low squat)
9. Bat or any twist
10. Any cat
11. Any reptile
12. Goat day! Either a (made up by you) goat pose or literally your GOAT (greatest of all time pose) aka yogis choice!!
Remember any questions just dm a host. We're here to help😘
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The world's big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark. -John Muir