Olga Chastnikova (@chastnikova)

This is my first time seeing wild flamingos! What a wonderful place💞

Amy Asnip (@asnipofgoodness)

When people talk about their favorite color it makes me laugh..... how can anyone possibly pick just one? I once heard a song that said "What made God take so much care
To make creation glow?
He could have made it black and white
And we'd have never known."
I'm so glad he made colors, aren't you??? Do you have a favorite? #lookwhatmygodcreated #favoritecolor

MARLEM LEDÓN ESTRADA👽 (@marlem.ledon)

Vino el aire a secar
mis lágrimas,
de un amor de cifras astronómicas🎶🍃

yumefulfilled (@yumefulfilled)

As I drift off to dreamland, I'm thinking of some of the beautiful scenery we saw in Iceland earlier this month. 🇮🇸 #travelflow #naturepics #mountainsfordays #sopeaceful

Kip B. (@thelankybackpacker)

This is my idea of painting the town red! #redcarpet function.

ECC | Teach in Japan (@eccteachinjapan)

Admired for their noble appearance, Herons are often associated with peace and purity in Japan, and feature in many Japanese myths and artwork. This photogenic fellow was spotted pond-side by one of our teachers visiting Kiyosumi Gardens, Tokyo.⠀⠀
📷 by @tokyotravel⠀⠀