Whitney (@whitneys.waistline)

DAY 8 - happy Valentine’s Day lovers ♥️ (my little love bugs 🐛💗🐛 and the reason why I’m doing what I’m doing front and center) I started the day by getting on the scales! (Weigh in day! See previous post 📝) and then got a knock on the door to receive some beautiful roses 🌹 from hubby who’s away at work at moment (fifo life! 😔) For breakfast I had a cottage cheese scrambled egg rye mountain bread wrap topped with a little bit of tomato relish for a flavor hit (➡️) then we went off to playgroup. Once that was done we went grocery shopping - this was my first time doing it solo with 2 under 2 (normally online order) and I needed a few things so the pram wasn’t gonna cut it , so what did we do? I put Bronte in the baby carrier and Imogen in the trolley! It was hard work but I got it done 👊🏻 for lunch I had chicken and salad. I did some house work (including bathing Bronte for which I took my Fitbit off and then totally forgot to put it back on for ages 🤦🏼‍♀️) and I prepped dinner (➡️) delicious Mexican chicken and veggies which I served with some brown rice and quinoa (➡️) for snacks today I had a protein ball and some veggie sticks - then just now before bed I had a little bit of chocolate because I’m being a sad sack with hubby away today - naughty moment 😔 but at least I didn’t binge and eat heaps of it like I normally would have! Ending the day with a inaccurate (yay baby brain!) Fitbit reading of 8,233 steps walked, 5.68km travelled and 2,445 calories burnt - I hope you all had a love filled day 💕

Katry Lopez (@katryu)

My #OshitaDeLaVida in her recent #NaughtyMoment she took #AshleysPacifier just because.. 😇😜😂😱😍

Niki (@tribeofus)

Yaaaaaars vegan B&J's. Thank you universe 🤤🤤🤤 and thank you @geeteelin 😘😘. Just made our 200 mile drive home oh so worth it 😂

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Linda Pakravan Design (@lindapakravan)

My sweet granddog shows off new sweater while paying rapt attention to her mommy. I love this dog.
Pink #leopard carpet squares by #FLOR very easy to clean if dog has accident or feels it is too cold to go outside or has a naughty moment. Which seldom happens... #grandpuppy #dogsinsweaters #littlewhitedog #cutestlivingdog #pink #MadisonWi #andoverma #naughtymoment #toocoldtogoout

Thelma Foreman (@fantastic_thelma)

This is the tipsy moment drinking my MAGNUM. Having a fantastic time #ChillingMoment#NaughtyMoment

Jaffar Khan (@mr___jaffy)

"In Islam a Woman is Known To be Your Mother, Sister, Wife and Your Daughter.☺️☺️ She Is Never Known To be Your GirlFriend"😏😉😔
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