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Bright Planetary Nebula NGC 7027 from #Hubble 
Image Credit: Hubble, #NASA , ESA;
Processing & License: Judy Schmidt

Explanation: It is one of the #brightest planetary #nebulae on the #sky -- what should it be named? First discovered in 1878, nebula NGC 7027 can be seen toward the #constellation of the Swan (Cygnus) with a standard backyard telescope. Partly because it appears there as only an indistinct spot, it is rarely referred to with a moniker. When imaged with the Earth-orbiting Hubble #Space Telescope, however, great details are revealed. Studying Hubble images of NGC 7027 have led to the understanding that it is a planetary nebula that began expanding about 600 years ago, and that the #cloud of gas and dust is unusually #massive as it appears to contain about three times the mass of our Sun.Pictured here in assigned #colors, the resolved, layered, and dust-laced features of NGC 7027 might remind sky enthusiasts of a familiar icon that could be the basis for an informal name. A leading previous suggestion was the Pillow Nebula, but please feel free to make new suggestions -- for example, in an online APOD discussion forum.
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Night climbers on its way to chase the MilkyWay at Mt.Rainer!!✨
Credit: @blazing_heavens

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Not only is it fun to get some up close views of galaxies, but sometimes it's also fun to take a step back and enjoy groups of nebulae.

This is the Rho complex taken with the Rokinon 135mm and QSI 583ws. Even though this is only 5.5 hours of data, it goes exceptionally deep due to the light bucket of a lens!

What is your favorite wide field target?

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Rigel ve Cadı Başı Bulutsusu

Image Credit:
Mario Cogo (Galax Lux)
Nasa Astronomy Picture of the Day

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The beauty of NGC-2170 nebula, don't you think so?😏✨
Credit: Unknown

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Wonderland ✨
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Amazing timelapse by @rod.evans.visual
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Does it look like a helmet?🤔
Thor's Helmet Nebula!!
Credit: NASA

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The Milky Way captured at Arizona!!😱✨
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Credit: @astrofalls

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Do you love The Northern Lights?
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Mystic Mountain - Carina Nebula✨