iamwhatiam_nirmal (@beast_nirmal_chaudhary)

It's hard to beat a person who never gives up!😎 #nevergiveupATTITUDE #all #about #hard #work #born #to #die #but #nt #like #others Success always hugs you in Private but failure slaps you in public ! That's life...

Michelle F (@abustlinghomeblog)

It's not often you get to watch someone beat their head against a wall. I watched this guy try to blow dirt off the slab for thirty minutes. He was trying to blow into the wind and it just kept coming back at him. Note to self: some times changing your direction will fix all your problems.

Clarenda Price Fitness 💪🏻 (@clarendaprice)

Going LIVE this evening at 8:30 p.m. on WHAT I HAVE LEARNED DURING THIS PAST YEAR OF TRANSITION if anyone thinks they may be able to relate to experiencing some loss, pain, challenge or growth!! 😘 Fire me a FB friend request or just tune in!

💃Aida Gonzalez💃 (@salsalady123)

Wellness Wednesday is Everyday! Spring is when plants begin to bud, and people care for their yards and clean house. While we care for the things around us and for others, Spring is a reminder that we should care for ourselves too. Without self-care everything else suffers including our well-being, Self-Care is under our control, No one can do it for us, Self- care is not only important, it's crucial. As a Health & Fitness coach, I find that practicing these steps daily helps build good habits and a Healthy way of life.
1️⃣Make time to eat well and exercise, even if you're busy. 2️⃣Know when to say No. 3️⃣Find a balance between work, family and personal time, protect Your schedule. 4️⃣Honor your emotional and spiritual needs. 5️⃣Foster and nurture meaningful relationships. 6️⃣Spend your time and money on what matters.7️⃣Take care of Your well-being everyday. Taking these steps is not always Easy or without Challenges, but it's worth the investment. Will you start taking these steps today? Have a joyful day🤗 #loveyourself #fightforit #grandmasliftweightstoo #smelltheflowers #springlove

💃Aida Gonzalez💃 (@salsalady123)

Why I drink this daily dose of Dense nutrition

1. It helped me be that regular gal, I was once so constipated, No more 💊💊 to help my digestive system.
2. I'm pretty energetic, but now and for my age, I have so much energy b4 & after my daily workouts🤗💪🏼💪🏼
3. I don't take any more vitamins, all that I need is included!
4. My hair it's was so dry & brittle, now I can probably let it grow, it's full, it grows fast & it's so manageable to handle- my fingers nails are stronger & grow fast as well💅🏼💅🏼
5. I love love chocolate, the shakeO has helped me curb that chocolate candy Fix, occasionally I do get to bite on a piece of Dark chocolate, it's not gonna kill me, nor you! 😁😁
Today I added 16oz of plain seltzer water with 1tsp. Of Pure Peanut butter & 1 med banana ( Crazy Richards, I found it @ Walmart) #enoughsaid #fightforit #grandmasliftweightstoo

Omkar Ghogale (@omkarghogale91)

Every person has an Excellent, best, good, bad, worse and an ugly side. There are many who will be with you on your side during happy days. But very few will light a torch in that darkness and will guide you to an excellent phase of your life. She's the one who will always have an extended hand with a bright smile on her face.
#happybirthday🎂 #ankibaby😘 #Collegebuddy #friend #nevergiveupattitude #togetherness #feelings #emotions #positivevibes #alwaysthere #myanchor⚓️ #inroughwaters #godblessyougirl #wishyouanamazinglifeahead

Ian Finnis (Fino) (@finnis13)

Nice top 10 @apinv this week great comeback after not the greatest 1st round, #nevergiveupattitude #theking

James G. Collins (@jlove35fitness)

Happy Thursday! We all have bad days and those moments when we feel like "I want to give up" but you can't. Those are the times we have to push thru and discover who we really are! #focus #focusonyourself #fuckbaddays #youarestrongerthenyeterday #loveyourself #believeinyourself #neverbackdown #nevergiveupattitude #optimistic #positivethinking #postivevibes #heartofachampion #success

Coll/Munies Hockey Club (@collmunieshockey)

Last week was the final week for a few of our ladies indoor sides. 😢😢 1sts, 5ths,6ths and 7ths still have a few more matches ahead of them.
Coll/Munies would like to say well done to each and every player for an outstanding indoor season and we are looking forward to continuing this positive and winning attitude to the outdoor season 💪💪 #collegefamily #college #hockeylife #winningways #nevergiveupattitude