Sunil S Patil (@sunils.patil)

Happy birthday CHAMPION YUVI. #TrueFighter #NeverGiveUpAttitude. Have a fabulous year ahead. My favourite.

Daryl Masajo (@humbleachiever)

As an Entrepreneur and young business owner, I’ve had to deal with so many things tearing me down and deterring me from my dreams such as doubts, fears, haters and naysayers. Regardless of everything, I’m still making my dreams happen and always looking to grow, expand my vision, and dream even BIGGER. I’m never letting ANYONE or ANYTHING stop me from achieving my dreams and neither should any of you! GO FOR IT!

Full Court (@fullcourtcoaching)

Great weekend! Seven games in two days, took 2nd in 7th grade division and 3rd in 8th grade division. Proud of how these girls cont to grow and work! #nevergiveupattitude #priceless

Массаж Владикавказ (@massage_vladikavkaz_o)

The film tells the real story of American athlete Louis Zamperini, who took part in the Olympic games of 1936 in Berlin. He won in the final race, but found favor with Hitler, who invited him to his Lodge. It was assumed that Zamperini will participate in the next Olympic games, but due to the outbreak of the Second world war, he was forced to go to the front. He was samolepici crash over the Pacific ocean, after which Zamperini, along with two colleagues spent 47 days adrift on a raft and taken prisoner by the Japanese, where he was subjected to bullying and torture. He returned home already only after the war.
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Shrisha Rajesh (@shrisharajesh_powercouple)

This is nostalgic. This is how we started our BTC journey, with just handful of people, who wanted to make something big in life, who wanted to create their niche.😍
Body transformation challenge was something which was not believable for people. 🤸🤸
They thought this is the craziest thing that could ever happen which was next to impossible. But this handful of people made impossible look possible.💪💪 They believed and just jumped not knowing whats going to be next for them in the plate. Lucky to be around such strong pillars.These are the people who are not ready to give up no matter what.

It has been rightly said that team work is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results. 🤺🤺🏂🏂 #btcseason 1

Chaitali Misra (@chaitalimisra)

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#oriflame50 #oriflamer

Lindsay T., Lady Engineer(TM) (@_lindsayt_)

TBT to a time when I had a GREAT HAIR DAY and wasn't sick. Sitting in a devil onesie (happened to be sick and at target where it was on sale for $9!) at my parents waiting for my mattress at my new house to arrive. I would say this is my least favorite way to start a week off. I'm still going to try!!

Lindsay T., Lady Engineer(TM) (@_lindsayt_)

Who else had a big sister to keep them on the straight and narrow? My sister @lrachelt did me a big favor last night, and I'm super grateful for her support. Happy Thursday!