Laura Richards (@loratheexplaurer)

Miss skinny mini Lamb is looking so grown up!! Never thought I'd be a *real* poodle person and do a haircut like this but I'm a convert 😍 next stop, the hiking trails! Time to shatter some fancy poodle stereotypes 😆 #spoo #poodle #standardpoodle #newhair #fancy

Jess Muhlbier (@jessmuhlbier)

I got chopped ✂️ 👩🏼
Short hair, don't care.
In a taxi cab en route to consign a crap ton of clothes
#cantstopwontstop #newhair #anythingispossiblewithnewhair

Cello Hairdressers (@cellohairdressers)

Beautiful autumn colour hues…Book a new look for your next colour! (P.S. Remember, 5 free foils or a shine treatment with your colour, March only) http-//

Beth Marshallsay (@bethieboop94)

I won't lie I'm just showing off now but this is a clearer picture of my new mahogany brown hair colour. Love it so much! Change was worth it #mahoganyhair #brunette #newhair #hairtrimmed #newme #newlook

Sandra Caraan (@caraandra)

I'm back!!! I don't even know if you guys realized I was gone from insta but whatever haha! Last week a lot of stuff happened. I now am back in Sweden to turn over a new page in my life! I hope you guys will stay with me for this one!~😘❤️ Also I cut my hair!!! Bye bye damaged hair!! #newpage #newhair