💕E R I N S N A D E R (@coacherinsnader)

☀️Fresh hairs.....fresh berries....and some last moments of summer being had... I'm sure everyone is now in knee deep driving kids back and forth to sports and getting school supplies ready and putting our kids first..... That is wonderful but this is a reminder don't get lost in all the hustle.... you matter too... because guess what if you don't feel well feel like crap who will be the ones to make sure things are in order ... or doing our motherly duties in life.

Tip from me.... try to eat good food to keep your body going and get some good fuel in your body to keep up with all the littles.... If you have a free evening I am having my CORE DE FORCE class at Pulse Fitness tonight at 6:30 right after I drop my little at soccer..... hope to see you there and the field ⚽️ #freshfruit #newhair #simplefood

Philly Hairstylist✨ (@manemistress)

& we sip CHAMPAGNE when we thirstayyyy 🍾🥂 a gorgeous champagne-y blonde transformation for this hot mama! Used @brazilianbondbuilder every step of the way! Her hair felt amazing afterwards! SWIPE👉🏼 to see her before! Thanks for coming in Jackie! #MANEMISTRESS #yourMANEgirl #teasegirlgang

Monique (@fembe_k)

New hair 😍 finally went ahead and did it after wanting it for so long! #greyhair #newhair #grannyhair #septumpiercing #freckles