Inês Araújo (@ines_araujo98)

"You'll never get the dog you want, you'll always get the dog you need" #NewPuppy #LightOfMyLife #Kayla

Nellie (@nelliethecocka)

Look at me, look at how cute I am 😂😂😂😂 #festivepooch

Nelson Bridger-Parsons (@nelson_ldnm)

Commuting with lamby. Things to do, people to see. #commute

Two Little Feet (@two.littlefeet)

A few new decorations on the tree this year...let's just hope that the puppy doesn't destroy them! 🎄

#christmastree #christmasdecorations #newpuppy #kidsexcited #merrychristmas #tistheseason

Napa.doodle (@napa.doodle)

Napa-baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight 🎅Sweetest gift ever!!

Jennifer Matikke (@mrs_matikke)

This might just seem like an average photo to the naked eye, but there are SO MANY ANSWERED PRAYERS in this photo. Long post, but I don't even care God deserves my praise!
1. My heart being healed by the Lord after losing our first Furbaby Lyric tragically to cancer and him allowing me to be ready to have a dog again (something that at the time of her loss I never thought I would be ok with having another pet again)
2. We felt strongly that we wanted to adopt a rescue dog when we got another dog, vs a breeder... BUT we had fallen in love with the American Bulldog breed so we knew chances of finding an American Bulldog as a rescue would be rare.
3. Our oldest (even though he had been around our dog Lyric from birth til 2.5years old) had some experiences around dogs that caused him to start to develop an almost paralyzing fear of dogs/animals and that same fear was starting to happen with our youngest too (cause he goes off big brother's vibe) so we felt adding a dog to our family would help. So this is HUGE the fact that #Lilman is petting him on our first night home and he loved telling everyone at PetSmart about his new "Puppy brother".
4. A puppy... let's be honest... it is rare to find puppies as a rescue. Not only that but often puppies are not recommended for kids with a fear of dogs, due to the puppy not being as predictable as an older dog whose temparment and personality has been developed... BUT knowing our sons we knew that THE RIGHT puppy would be ideal because the boys understand it is a baby and needs special care and attention so they would be more open to puppy vs a full grown big dog.
5. THIS PUPPY's story... he was born by emergency c-section. His mom was Full American Bulldog and his dad they believe was as well or an American Bully. The owner couldn't afford the vet bills due to the circumstances and had to surrender the dog/puppies. Thankfully the vet was able to save them and allowed his vet tech (Samson's foster mom's daughter) to rescue them and he along with his sister were bottlefed and raised in a loving home with 5 kids until we were able to adopt him today! Which meant he was comfortable kids and other dogs (another answered prayer).

Nisha (@nue_nue17)

A new addition to our family!! Meet (Alex)ander he's only 6 or 7 weeks old!!! He's a Chiwanese doggy 😄😍😘😀 #NewPuppy #ChiwaneseDog #CutePuppy #Alexander #InLove #WeGotHimForFree!