Daniel William (@deekaytrey)

Sign from Sniper Valley in Sarajevo, Bosnia @newseum #newseum #8thgradedctrip

Jenna Broughton (@jennabroughton)

A piece of the Berlin Wall at the @newseum. Loved my visit there earlier this summer.

Susannah (@susannah_karenina)

You are power! Act up!

Courtney 🍍 (@ca_marmolejo)

Day Four in Washington D.C. | Today I finally got to visit the Newseum, a museum dedicated to journalism that I have been waiting for 7+ years to see. It didn’t disappoint-every exhibit was incredible. We got to see actual pieces of the Berlin Wall, a gallery of Pulitzer Prize winning photographs, and a wall of the front pages of newspapers from around the world the day after 9/11. For me, the most moving exhibit was dedicated to journalists and photographers who had lost their lives working in war-torn countries. As someone who majored in Journalism and aspired to be foreign correspondent (and now sits at a desk writing e-mails and witty Instagram captions) I was incredibly humbled and inspired by their sacrifices and the stories they told 🇺🇸 #WashingtonDC #Newseum #UseYourWords #IchBinEinBerliner #WallsDontWork

Judy Lee Cole (@judyleecole)

The "Berlin Wall" exhibit at Newseum in Washington DC should be a destination site when visiting DC museums. Walls don't work! The West Germany side, as seen in my video is full of artful expression; the East Germany side is cold, grey and vacant. #dcmuseums#newseum #washingtondcmuseums #berlinwall #berlinwallexhibit #wallsdontwork

Tammy To (@misstammykto)

That one time @catherinehanna08 hooked us up with limeade frosties in D.C and we almost fell off a balcony trying to get a selfie with the capitol. 🇺🇸

Emma Centeno (@emma.centeno)

Exhibición fotográfica más de 70 imágenes icónicas de John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy y sus hijos, Caroline y John, tomadas por Jacques Lowe (el fotógrafo personal de Kennedy) #newseum

Mrs. Hart (@eagleharts)

Amazing day at the Newseum. So much fun. A day kids you rock! #newseum

Chad Upham (@chadupham)

“Civility is not a sign of weakness.” - John F. Kennedy. #newseum