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Disclaimer: Our students' safety and well-being is of the utmost importance to Rowland High School.
Not your typical post, however, one of our peers has been reported missing. if you find any leads/info of any sort, please do not hesitate to contact!
not an issue to be taken lightly, please be considerate of those who are/have been affected. please spread the word. as a community we can solve this.
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Yo straight up my mom planted the seed a long time ago, but I got caught up in the "rules of religion"
I thought that there was no way to pull away from sins I knew I would desire and be tempted to indulge in. I remember going to retreats and thinking about the terrible sins I was gonna do when I got back out cuz my heart wasn't in it.
Christ is perfect, how could I ever be?
#Newsflash I won't be perfect. Ever. Never ever.
Fast forward after years of living in the world and several mistakes later, I got tired of making mistakes.. repeating mistakes.. being a slave to my habits that i absolutely knew were hurting me(addiction, temper,pride,stubbornness)
And Jesus came and found me, my face downcast, full of shame.. full of guilt, full of burdens I had no business carrying. God freed my heart with his love and opened my eyes to what I knew in my instincts all along.. that He is real, that my fears are real and big but He is bigger.that I'm not insignificant, but I actually the purpose He designed me for is far greater than what I imagined for myself. I understand now after my direct experience that, in reality, none of us deserve His grace or mercy, but it's a gift- and that it's Free for us! it's paid for!But it takes "Taking" it!
Here's the deal-you- the one reading this
Right where you are in life.
As lost as you are
As hurt as you are
As high as you are
As dirty as you are
As unsure as you are
He loves you faithfully,and unwavering.
When you allow Christ to be your beacon, it's not about "being perfect". It's not about being "better" than others.
Look it's simple...
Love God
Love his people.
God wants everyone saved, even the people you can't stand.that in itself, shows we are NOT him,Not perfect...
Strive to understand His love for you. Read, and learn about it. Ask Him to reveal Himself in a way you may have not noticed before.
Your life will be impacted and changed for the better dramatically
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...pretty much! #newsflash - If you have any desire to prosper πŸ’°it's in your best interest to use a budget. You'll get to your goals faster, enjoy more peace about your finances, and you can make more mature decisions with your life. Don't be a fool, use a budget! #teachablemoment #entrepreneurs #delvingintl

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Spring has SPRUNG at RSOPA!
🎢 Some students are busy preparing for exams in a host of subjects from Singing, Drama and Ballet to Street dance, Musical Theatre and Tap. πŸ† Student Jasmine wins an Emmy!... 'Jazzy B' is the famous voice of BETTY on CBEEBIES' HEY DUGGEE. Three HUGE cheers for this outstanding achievement for such a young girl. 🌟 We are proud of Cameron who is appearing alongside the most amazing cast, Including Richard Wilson at Chichester Festival Theatre. 🚒 We can finally announce OUT LOUD that Liam McHugh will be jetting off to USA for his first professional contract as a performer for Royal Caribbean Cruises! He will be rehearsing in Miami and crusing America, Bahamas, Bora Bora... and performing in 3 shows, 1 to include WE WILL ROCK YOU: he even got a part. We are so thrilled for this super talented guy. πŸ‘©β€πŸ’Ό We are so pleased to have welcomed Irena to the office. She is now in her second week amd almost ready to take over from Isabella as she goes on maternity leave. πŸ“– Principal Amelia handed in her first Vocal Pedagogy Assignment: we've everything crossed that she comes out on top!
β˜€οΈ Look for the RSOPA girls in this months Worthing Journal: history made!
πŸŽ‰ We have hosted and performed at 3 parties this week and let ok forward to several more this weekend. Check out PARTIES R US on Facebook for info. 🎭 Students impressed us again, dancing beautifully at Brighton and Aldershot Festivals over the Easter break. Tutu great for words! πŸ’• The gorgeous Amber, who was a student and teacher here, celebrated her Hen Do! We cannot wait to cheer her down the aisle!
It's been a fantastic week and a stonking start to a new term! #rsopa is #smashingit
#beyourbest and #makingsmiles are our strap lines, we believe in #buildingkidsup
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#newsflash #diazepam #valium washing people's troubles away since 1963 #benzos #ukbenzolovers

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now seriously, was loosing his pants and undies too too much asked in this world of hate and sin? πŸ˜’πŸ˜‰#interviewtoday #newsflash #hottopic #sexybody #niceabs

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Found this on YouTube, it's a side by side comparison of a Whose Line playing of News Flash from both an on TV view & an Audience members view. Interesting how Colin is legitimately just yelling at an empty Green Screen. - #ColinMochrie #GreenScreen #NewsFlash #SideBySide #Comparison #Classic #Funny #Comedy #Hilarious #WLIIA #WhoseLine #WhoseLineIsItAnyway

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#NewsFlash is all you need to know on 4/28 from @djkhaled @quavohuncho @therealmaryjblige @hennynhoes @theweeknd @futuradosmil @nba @realdonaldtrump For these stories and more head to