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The man photographed in the hat must have been a fish whisperer because he was always able to hook a fish on his line. #documentaryphotography #documentary #explore #travelphotography #adventure #photo #florida #FL #newsmyrna #newsmyrnaflorida #fishing #fishermen

Ashley Thaggard (@ashley.lauren23)

Good morning || Florida, you've been so good to me 💛 #vacation #NewSmyrna #beachlife #nofilter

Christine LeBlanc (@fabandfitfam)

Changing up my morning rituals and loving every second of it ✨

I am slowly starting to get our office back together after weeks of construction and using it as first our only living area then our dumping ground 🙈
I set up this little nook last night and it is going to be my favorite 💙

Woke up before the kids, made my coffee, sat down in the quiet with a great message from my personal development book, and then spent time reading our family vision. Taking this time before the crazy starts and before I open my phone is what my soul needs and I'm so dang cozy ✨

Kula Yoga (@kula_yoga)

Get to class!

Port Orange:
9am Hatha w/ Amber
1pm Lunch Flow w/ Amber
5:30pm VinYin w/ Jackie
7:15pm Beginner Flow w/ Stephanie

New Smyrna Beach:
8am Beach Yoga @ Esther Park w/ Michele
8:30am Beginner Flow w/ Gale
10:30am Aerial w/ Michele
4pm VinYin w/ Amanda
6pm Vinyasa I w/ Jodi

linda_indc (@linda_indc)

Rainbow on the way home this evening from New Smyrna.

Christine LeBlanc (@fabandfitfam)

Dan offered to go to the store for me to grab the veggies for tonight's dinner.
I said "naaaah, I'll go out in the rain ☔️ "
What I really meant was, I'll take these ten minutes to myself and run out to the store. Tag you're it hubby 😘😂 bonus he wouldn't have picked up the 99cent strawberries 🍓 because they wouldn't have been on the list

Christine LeBlanc (@fabandfitfam)

One pan wonders tonight for a huge win. I was recipe testing and this one is a definite must to share in our Fab & Fit Fam Accountability Group next week on the meal plan. I love being able to share recipes that are quick, yummy, family approved, and only one dish needs to be cleaned up 👌🏼

Christine LeBlanc (@fabandfitfam)

Dreaming of those "thumbs up" 👍🏼 weekend vibes ✨ when our time together isn't opposite schedules and rushed.
Instead of complaining about our situation, we are working towards making a change. One that involves working for ourselves, in whatever capacity it takes ✨

Just because society says we need to go to college and get a conventional job doesn't mean we need to stick to those ideas forever. If you want MORE then go after it. If you want a CHANGE do something different. You have the POWER. DARE to chase your DREAMS. DARE to say yes to all the opportunities that come your way, it opens more doors to get you one step closer to your VISION. There's more to life than that 9 to 5 grind

Kula Yoga (@kula_yoga)

When you leave yoga with more energy than you came with! @jamiesipe
Port Orange:
9am VinYin w/ Jackie
5:30pm HipHop w/ Jamie
7:15pm Yin w/ Jamie

New Smyrna Beach:
8:30am Hatha w/ Zetta
9:45pm Guided Meditation w/ Zetta
12pm Vinyasa Flow w/ Jeff
4pm Pre/Post Natal w/ Holly
6pm Beginner Flow w/ Jackie

erickson (@ericko36)

full of love

Volusia Pixel (@volusiapixel)

double tap if you like this photo and tag a friend that needs to see this. 📷 by @kayla.bentleyyy
Original Caption: We won 33-32 but just had to take a picture of the sky 😂💖
#VolusiaPixel #Volusia #VolusiaCounty
#Ocala #OrangeCity #Debary #PortOrange #OrmondBeach #Florida #Delnd #NewSmyrna #DaytonaBeach #NSB #OakHill #PonceInlet #LakeHelen #Pierson #HollyHill #Edgewater