Ryu Benz (@iamryubenz)

Mis nuevas zapatillas son de XX, lo que quiere decir que sólo verán la sombra de mi pie entrando en una de ellas, lo demás para la imaginación, cochinos e.e

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Carrie Wernig (@coach_at_heart)

I remember when I first started this journey some thought it was just a fad. Then when some realized it wasn't I was told they were scared I was getting too thin!
I'm healthy. I eat so much food everyday. Who knew eating this much food could help you to lose weight. I just don't eat the crap! It's like putting soda in your gas tank...it ain't going to work.
Now I'm just on a mission of helping others . There's still too many people who haven't joined the ride yet!
So crazy? Yeah maybe a little! It doesn't bother me though. It actually makes me smile. #leavingmymark

Ольга Бровко (@olgabrovko)

К ночным прогулкам готова✅ 🚴🚵#newsneakers

Material Girls Boutique (@materialgirlsms)

All day everyday right ladies?? We are in love with this graphic tee and this whole outfit! Such a perfect look for walking around or hanging out with friends! Give us a call at 662-513-0888 to order! #slayallday #newsneakers


Der Diadora x afew highly addictive ist wahrscheinlich der erste Schuh den ich aufgrund seines Packaging niemals tragen werde. 👟💊💕
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