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We all know that we are a product of our surroundings, and the people and places we surround ourselves with will greatly impact our outlook on life. The kids area at @freedomchurchbrugge was in need of a facelift. Scroll through to see the amazing team I got to serve with this week, transform this space into something beautiful. The kids can now learn about Jesus in a space that reflects the joy he brings to their lives. ❤️❤️ @jbeaty44 thank you for teaching me how to click floor into place!
@samm_ellison thank you for the "before" pic! .
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Jude 1 gives us examples of people who are "scoffers". People who are going to spew lies and negativity into your life. It's important to be able to tell who is going to do this from the beginning. When I started going to Newspring, I was very skeptical. I wanted to make sure that what they taught was 100% the TRUTH and that they had the right motives and everything. It took a while but I finally trusted what I saw. We have to guard our heart from lies and from slander. A lot of people think that just because the church is the church, it'll get the job done. But that's not true. You have to be positive that the person who is teaching you about God, has God in their heart. Same goes with everyone else. Before you get in a relationship, you want to make sure the person has God in their heart. For real. It's okay to be skeptical and to be aware and to have good judgment. You shouldn't judge people, but you can judge people's actions and make an informed decision on how much influence they should be allowed to have on your life. Love scoffers and treat them well, but guard your heart and don't let them affect you negatively ❤️ #newspring

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My greatest Desire , my only desire ;
That I may reflect His light ,
That I may reflect His Character ,
That I may reflect His Love
That I may reflect His Peace ,
That I may reflect His sacrifice.
That I may be His Witness
That I may reflect His wounds ,
That by this ;
All men may see the truth and know He is the way to heaven .. A poem by one of our Youths @duke_dave , Use your talents for God;!! , tag us on your post showcasing your talent for God and we will repost
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"But these people will scoff at things they do not understand. Like unthinking animals, they do whatever their instincts tell them, and so they bring about their own destruction." - Jude 1:10 ~ I tend to get scared when it comes to talking about Jesus. I'm scared that I'm gonna say the wrong thing or that I'm gonna do something hypocritical and that whatever I do is gonna make the person listening turn even further away from God. I'm scared that someone is gonna ask me a question and I'm not gonna know the answer and my credibility is gonna go way down. But God doesn't expect us to know everything. God doesn't WANT us to know everything. Only He can know everything. And it's okay for people to know we don't know everything. Cause if someone knows we don't know what even 25% of God's Word means, but we are STILL committed to it and live our lives according to it, then that says something more than our words actually could. Reading the Bible is important, but you won't ever memorize the whole Bible. It's just not gonna happen. You won't even memorize 1/10 verses you read. But by constantly immersing yourself in it you will gain understanding that other people can relate to. If we went around spurting bible verses to non believers, no one would get saved. The Bible is confusing, but if we can SHOW someone what we took from the Bible in our own words it could actually help. If people see our faith, it's a lot more of an impact than if people hear us recite scripture. ❤️ #newspring

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Took this pic a few years ago, and just saw a bird, and now after my #walkwithJesus has grown, I found it and see a #message. I see an #angelinthesky over a person stuck in the #clouds with his arms open. It makes me realize this is so many of us, including myself, but as long as we keep our #armswideopen , Jesus will bring us to His #clearskies in #Heaven in our due time. #nevergiveup #lifeisgood #miraclesfromheaven

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Rompe todo
New arrivals 🙆🏻#newspring #tanlulita

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Hide 1:1-4 ~ Jude was a man who was passionate about Jesus and who devoted his life to defending Him and His Word. We should be the same way as Christians - we should be willing to stand on the front like of battle to fight for God because we love Him so much. People are passionate about politics, rights, music, loved ones... people are willing to march in the street to defend people they don't even know because they wanna fight for them. But Jesus, the creator of everything who died for us... we don't even think twice about it. We get scared that people are gonna get offended. Telling people about Jesus feels kind of like defusing a bomb. If you pull the wrong wire or say the wrong thing, the bomb will explode and the people will get mad and turn even further away from God. But if you don't pull either wire, the bomb will still explode. You may as well try to pull a wire. So don't be scared to speak up for Jesus. It's our job to represent God, not to make sure people accept Him. God will handle that part. He'll make sure we pull the right wire. ❤️ #newspring #jude

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No matter how bad my bad days are, I can read my Bible and worship with my church and feel such at peace. I know Jesus has so much for me in my future. He keeps telling me to hold on. "You didn't want heaven without us so Jesus, You brought heaven down. My sin was great, Your love was greater. #Newspring #nsnec

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This woman being baptized today is from Iceland. I praise God that the Gospel makes it threw mountains and over the seas to other countries and Jesus name is still being spoken of 2017 yrs. Later after the death of our savior. #praise #blessed #nextsteps #newspring #newspringmyrtlebeach

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m o o d --- how i’m feeling on this lovely sunday... must be nice to be a cat & get to do this everyday with no worries, haha!

started my morning off with some online church (@newspring_church) & some bible time after. i like to start my mornings doing something productive whether it is reading a book, my @jesuscalling devotionals, reading some interesting blogs, or making a yummy breakfast.

what do you guys like to do in the mornings to start your day?