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My heart has literally grown 4 sizes this year! Getting the opportunity to build friendships and lead these four girls has been the biggest blessing and I’m so excited about what God has in store for them! #smallgroup #christmasdinner #newspring #thesearemypeople #noordinaryfamily ❤️🎄❤️🎄

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COS x Studio Swine ///
We can’t believe it’s already a throwback to last Tuesday’s opening party with the incredible New Spring Installation //:: Photos from World Red Eye @worldredeye // Via WRE:
The global art and design community gathered at The Temple House to celebrate the opening of the COS x Studio Swine installation, New Spring, an official satellite of Design Miami/2017. New Spring, the collaboration between COS and London-based duo Studio Swine is an immersive, multisensory installation re-conceived for Miami that drew inspiration from the history and culture of Miami Beach. COS Creative stated, “We are so thrilled to be in Miami this week and to have the opportunity to share New Spring with the incredible community of creatives that are the fiber of our brand.” #cos #artbaselmiami #artbasel #thetemplehouse #newspring #studioswine #DesignMiami #DesignMiami2017 #cosxstudioswine #cos #COSstores #miamivenue /// @carodaur @wideeyedlegless @mollyblutstein

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“Then God looked over all he had made, and he saw that it was good” - Genesis 1:31

What do kings do? They establish a kingdom. And every king is trying to establish a certain kind of kingdom. We were MADE for a kingdom- Jesus’ kingdom. So what kind of kingdom was Jesus trying to establish? Jesus established a kingdom where we can find:
1) God’s Identity - We spend a lot of our lives trying to figure out who we are. But God wants to give us an identity, and that identity looks a lot like HIM. In God‘s kingdom, you should look like God. When you look at yourself, do you? Jesus is the Son of God, and with the power of the kingdom, we are children of God.

2) God’s Authority - A king has power. God wants to give US power and authority. We like having power, but when we have authority given by God, we can feel comfortable in our faith and we don’t have to apologize. We can lead others. People liked Jesus’ preaching because He spoke with a “different authority” (Matthew 7:29). 3) God’s Purpose - in God‘s kingdom, everything is created ON purpose, WITH purpose, FOR a purpose. God has a specific purpose for every single one of us. We were born at a specific time to specific parents with specific abilities of the specific plan. Your purpose ultimately brings glory to God.

4) God’s Provision - God wants to provide for us. He wants to give us everything we need. In His Kingdom, we will always have enough. Only in His kingdom will we realize that what He gives us IS enough. We may not have everything we want, but we will have everything we need.
God wants to give us His good kingdom. But we, like Adam and Eve, see everything He gives, and choose to focus on the ONE thing He says is not good. The ONE thing He doesn’t wanna give us. When they ate the fruit, the sin was not the BITE, but the DISBELIEF that what God gave, wasn’t good enough. But the kingdom God wants so bad for us is more than good enough, and it’s within reach, we just have to take it (Matthew 3:2). There is more than just a place in heaven for us, there’s a kingdom on earth present with us. We can have heaven now. ❤️ #daily #devotional #Bible #HolyBible #GodsWord #Newspring #Newspringchurch #Newspring

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⚪️ Usando a arte como analogia, o ano passou voando (como vêm acontecido com frequência desde que me tornei gente), e a New Spring Installation da @cosstores em parceria com o @studio_swine representa essa fugacidade. ⚪️ As bolhas de nitrogênio se formam pequenas e, com o peso, e caem livremente, se transformando em fumaça ⚪️ E não é que, cada dia nosso nasce, chega a um ponto máximo e desaparece como fumaça?? O que fica é a lembrança lúdica da brincadeira! ⚪️ .
. .
Such an amazing idea by Studio Swine and COS: New Spring Installation for @designmiami this year! ⚪️ I like to think that this balls are like our day time! Its start small and then, becomes bigger and bigger until falls. ⚪️ When they come into contact with the floor, or any other surface, the balls burst to release scented mists that were developed to remind visitors of Florida and its flora. ⚪️
. .
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Of all forms of art, interactive installations are my favorite ones. 🎈 @studio_swine @cosstores

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So yesterday I talked about Elizabeth and Zechariah and today I wanna talk about them some more. Luke 1:5-25 tells us about Elizabeth and Zechariah and how all they wanted was a child. They were both probably pretty young when they got married (we’re talking like 13-14) cause that’s what people did back then, and it was customary for couples to have their first child within, like, a year. But it didn’t happen. So they waited and waited and waited. And while they waited, the people around them probably weren’t helping very much. If you’ve ever waited for something – a relationship, a job, a child… – the people around you always seem to think they know the answer to your problem. “Well have you tried ____???” Especially Christians. Because they will just whip out the whole “well have you tried praying??” Not very helpful. So not only are you waiting for something, but you may feel like you are the reason it’s not happening. Or maybe you blame someone else. People were probably telling Zechariah to leave Elizabeth and find someone who could give him child. But he stayed faithful. He didn’t blame her.

So finally she gets pregnant. She finally gets what she’s been waiting for. But, what she was waiting for wasn’t the point. Elizabeth was pregnant with John when she found out that Mary was pregnant with Jesus. Elizabeth’s unborn child literally leapt for joy inside her because he was so excited about the coming Savior (Luke 2:44). So the baby Elizabeth had been waiting years and years for wasn’t the point, but the pointer to the point. The reason she had to wait until that exact time to get pregnant was so that she would be pregnant at the same time Mary was pregnant, so her baby could point out that Jesus Christ himself was forming in her cousin. That was God’s plan. Everything we wait for points to Jesus. The baby, the job, the relationship – they’re not what we are really waiting for. We are waiting for Jesus. “For all of His promises are YES in Christ” (2 Corinthians 1:20).

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One of the biggest hits on the design show circuit earlier this year was #NewSpring, a sculpture that blossoms “mist-filled” bubbles, by @studio_swine
which debuted at the the Milan Furniture Fair #Fuorisalone2017.
Artists Azusa Murakami & Alexander Groves brought New Spring to @designmiami, in an installation sponsored by fashion retailer COS (@cosstores). New Spring was inspired by the cherry blossom festival in Japan, “a special moment that brings people together. A fleeting shared experience that evokes a sense of the changing seasons,” as explained in the artists’ statement.
Visitors wearing special gloves can catch and hold the surprisingly weighty bubbles for a few seconds before they dissolve—the ephemeral made tangible for just a brief moment.

video via Design Miami.

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If you can’t catch, hold, and 📷 with the other hand, don’t even with me. ⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️ #Baseling #cos #studioswine #newspring

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On New Years Eve I’m speaking for a 3rd time to 100,000 people at the Mandela Stadium in Uganda Africa! This video was recorded last year after I finished speaking as we brought in the New Year together! This year, I will be joined by @clayton_king, one of the speaking pastors at @newspring_church the 4th largest church in America!
Last year I did an illustrated message using a giant stuffed dog named “Magujja.” This year I’m following up that illustration with something bigger. There are many variables, so please pray that it works out! I believe that God loves the people of Uganda and wants to see them rise.
I’m speaking by invitation from my dear friend Dr. Joseph Serwadda, who leads one of the largest church networks in the world. He began this event more than a decade ago, and has built it into a world class New Years Eve Event, with national performers and fireworks! It is a giant honor to stand on his platform and address his nation. Two years ago, the President of Uganda was our guest in the stadium. Last year, the Vice President. Who knows what will happen this year! 25 million people will be watching and listening on live media in multiple countries surrounding Uganda!
Other prominent speakers include my friends, USA political chaplain @franksheltonjr and Dr. Hugh Osgood leader of a world wide orphanage movement based in the United Kingdom.
You can watch this entire event live on Dream TV Uganda
Also, besides the stadium, we will be feeding a village and giving gifts to children, just like we do on every mission. Huge shout out to Eric Newberry for handling all of the logistics for this event from the USA. He just found out he is speaking in the stadium this year! Oh, and my son @coreebalsamo will be joining us!! Please pray that we will all make a difference! And wherever you are in this world, may you have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!
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Conjuring 🔮 Thanks, Art Basel/Design Miami/Miami Art Week! #GrammersGrammersEverywhere #NewSpring #cosxstudioswine