WILD AT HARDT (@hardtboutique)

because who doesn't like a ivory dress in the spring/summer time?
'laurel canyon off shoulder dress $48 🍃👒

WILD AT HARDT (@hardtboutique)

sandwashed knot tee | $25 + sophie dark wash denim | $52 + cassie wide brim fedora | $38 💛
simple but cute outfit goals!

Dana Kellin Jewelry (@danakellinjewelry)

These hammered beauties give off enchanting, rustic modern charm. ✨

Grace Weeks (@graces_devos)

As a Christian, it’s my job to serve God and spread His love to everyone. I know a lot of people who don’t know Jesus, and I know I’m supposed to be an example and represent Christ and be an outlet for God to work in them. But sometimes the thought of that gets a little overwhelming. How can I possibly be a good example for ALL of these people? It makes me feel responsible for whether or not they decide to follow Christ. I get in my head and I panic and I end up not helping anyone. That’s not at all what God wants me to do. God tells us to love others. He tells us that loving one another is the most important thing. Don’t worry about preaching to them and correcting them and trying to force them to go to church. Start by just loving them. Simply and fully. The rest will follow.
There’s a lot of bad in this world, and a lot of attempt to correct it. There are homeless people and orphaned children and school shootings and millions of aborted babies and other murders and flawed school systems... We can’t fix it all. We feel the need to do something about it all, but we can’t fix it all. If you get on Facebook you’ll see people mad that you aren’t doing something about all these issues that you have no control over.
But we are not responsible for fixing everything. We, as humans, can’t fix all the problems. Only God can. And only when we turn to Him and begin sharing His love with those around us will these things start to change. So don’t feel overwhelmed. God has it all under control. It’s His job, He just wants you to be included in His work. Be obedient and love each other, and He will use you in amazing ways. ❤️ #daily #devotional #Bible #HolyBible #GodsWord #Newspring #Newspringchurch #Newspringspa #newspringspartanburg #Ilovemychurch #Romans #prayer #Christian #God #Jesus #grace #mercy #blessings #encouragement #motivation #love #salvation #peace #Christ #unity

Lynn's Hallmark Kildaire Farm (@lynnshallmark_kildaire)

We have some great new Spring Arrivals! 😄 Welcome family and friends to your home with a new, beautiful Door Decor sign! 🌼

daniellebritt3 (@daniellebritt3)

Such a great weekend with friends, a little church, and spending sometime outside playing some tennis, the finishing the weekend picking up my little man!! #newspring #13stripesbrewery #tennis

U Y E N T R A N (@uyenk.tran)

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới 
Happy Vietnamese New Year! Typically the new year is based on the celebration of the arrival of spring based on the Viet calendar. It’s also about forgiving and forgetting about last years troubles and bringing in new intentions and hope. This year is the year of the dog, my birth animal. Feeling grateful another year has passed and I am here to experience another 💕🐕🏮⛩️