alexis s. kozak (@zoszosiaz)

One of my favorite adventures with one of my favorite humans. After a beautiful, heart-opening conversation, we stretched our legs all the way to an after party in NE Portland. We danced, we discussed American politics, but most of all we marked another year together. And this weekend you marked another year on the planet.
Forever grateful. And I'm missing that whip of a mind, that side glance and that strut.
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Anthony Hauger (@sactownraces)

This is my last picture from #newyearsday at the #montereybayaquarium . I had broken my lens when I was taking pictures of the birds (mostly because I'm an idiot, partially because I'm new to photography in general), so at this point in the day I decided not to ruin it more. I had more photos after this point but non of them turned out. What a bummer, but hey, now you get to see more new pictures right? Aren't you tired of seeing this got-dang #jellyfish ?! #monterey #montereybay #newyears #newyears2017 #nofilterneeded

Niki Williams (@marvelousdarlng)

It looks like I finished off that bottle but I most certainly did not. 😇🍾#oneglasswasplenty #NewYears2017

Pearl Armstrong (@pavonrep)

The prettiest accessory you can wear this season? A great new shade of lipstick! And if you’re ready to scoop up some new ones, the seven must-have colors below are the key shades you’ll want to have in your spring wardrobe. Best part: You can find them all in the new Avon True Color Nourishing Lipstick line, which comes in ten gorgeous shades each infused with vitamin E, jojoba oil, and collagen. Swipe them on and your lips will be vibrant, soft, and ready for all those sunny days ahead.

1) Peach
If you like pink, you’ll love her spring-y little sister, peach. We especially love this fresh, juicy shade (our current fave: Mellow Melon) worn with matching blush on the apples of the cheeks for a monochromatic, peaches-and-cream look that instantly perks up your entire face.

2) Fuchsia
A bright, pinky-purple-y magenta like Spring Lilac makes an instant statement. Swipe it on straight from the tube for maximum impact, or pat it on with your finger for a slightly more subdued effect. So hot!

3) Nude
The right nude lipstick is a veritable shape-shifter, equally at home paired with smoky eyes for a sultry feel or worn alone for a more minimal, barely-there look. But the wrong nude can make you look washed out, or—even worse—like you painted your lips with concealer! To keep the effect flattering (and super sexy!), always go for a tawny shade with a slight sheen like Nude Truffle.

4) Soft pink
If nudes makes you feel a bit too naked, consider a neutral pink lipstick like Peony Blush. This go-with-everything shade adds a hint of subtle color that’s just right for the office, but with an added touch of face-brightening warmth to keep things feminine and pretty.

5) Red
A bold, fire-engine crimson like Candy Red is classic, sophisticated, and so, so sexy. It’s also surprisingly versatile. Pair it with a swoop of black liquid liner for a femme fatale effect or keep your face bare (save for soft blush and lots of mascara) and let your red-hot lips take center stage.

6) Berry
Red lips are a perennial evening favorite, sure, but if you’re looking for a new twist, consider a deep wine like Berry Sangria instead. Bonus: Berry lips work for every skin tone—beautifully!