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Когда мои читатели делают мне комплименты 😄

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When you tell your friend to turn around to look at your crush and they do it not so subtly 😂


122. Murder.
The Day Of
“What is this?” Blake looked from Ariel to her husband.
“He knows.” Ariel said.
“Listen, mate, I am sorry. I was drunk and didn’t know what I was doing.”
“I understand,” the husband said. “Just support the baby.”
“I can’t.”
“You are fucking rich, how can you be that selfish?”
“It’s not about selfishness. I want to be with my wife. I know you don’t want to have this baby.”
“Your wife is cheating on you, you said it yourself, and you cheated on her.”
“I don’t have to answer that. Listen, I cannot support this baby. She will leave me and I won’t allow that. I am sorry. I made a mistake, I will take the cost of the abortion off of you.”
“That is not what we want.”

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Day 9: Why we love Harry

Harry Styles, more than being a faaaabulous singer is a beautiful human being. He ,unlike what the media says, respects women and loves his fans .What more is needed?

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⏩I choose lilo
⏩who do you choose?
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