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Part 15:
'Okay babe. Relax. Relax.' I shook my head and started breathing heavily. 'Babe look hide now. Behind the card.' Niall said and held up the menu card for me to hide behind. I bend down so my entire head was covered. I heard Niall stand up. 'No where are you going! Niall!' I whispered and felt the tears slowly form themselves in my eyes. 'Ill be right ba-' 'no you cant leave me here alone. Not when he's here.. he'll take me. No matter what other people say or do.' 'He wont. I wont let him. I promise' Niall whispered. 'Ni-' his footsteps fade away and I felt a small sob leave my lips. My heart was pounding in my chest, small sharp breaths, shaking hands and eyes closed. Thats how I sat behind the menu card for what felt like forever. Minutes passed by, i was too afraid to look up so I had no idea how was close to me.
Footsteps appeared and I shot my eyes, only thinking one thing: He found me. He found me and he was going to take me.
A tear rolled down my cheek and I took one deep breath. 'Babe its me. Lets go, we can go through the back.' Niall soft voice was heard and his warm hand laid on my shoulder. I let out a breath of relief and he helped me stand up. 'Stay next to me.' He whispered. I nodded slowly and he took my shaking hand, intertwining our fingers. 'Im gonna get you out of here.' He whispered.
We walked behind the waiter, and he took us to the kitchen door. Right before we walked in, I couldn't help but look up to see where he was. But now I wish I hadnt done that. Our eyes locked on instant and I felt my knees weaken as he slowly stood up. 'N-Niall he saw me.' I whimpered. Niall grip on my hand tightened and we ran through the kitchen. 'The car is just around the corner okay? We'll get there.' He whispered. 'Sir. M'am. That guy is now in the kitchen, i would hurry.' The waiter said and closed the door. We ran towards the car, as fast as my heels could carry me and jumped in. 'N-niall please drive..' i whimpered. Niall started the car and with shrieking tires, he sped down the road.
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