Fundación Miguel Cabrera (@mcfoundation24)

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I’ll never stop saying what an amazing person Miggy is!! He doesn’t have to do anything but he see’s a boy who loves him and will wait hours just to see him to wave and say hi. That kindness will never be forgotten!! 🙏🏪🙏 #miguelcabrera #ethanshero #thebesthitterontheplanet🌍 #gomiggy #niceguy

Rebecca Comer (@speckles11)

When a complete stranger pays for your lunch as a random act of kindness.... William was a bit sad yesterday, after needing a full leg cast instead of a below knee one 😐. So I took him for lunch at the Hogs Breath after hospital, to cheer him up ( he's been asking for 'curly fries' for ages, thanks to all the ads on TV ). It worked, we had a lovely time there and he was treated like royalty. When I went to pay I was told that our bill had been taken care of by a man who wanted to remain anonymous! ... I was so shocked and touched. What a lovely man. Wish I could have spoken to him 💕💕#sickoflegcasts #hogsbreathcafe #randomactofkindness #curlyfries #cheeredmeup #niceguy