Becky Fuys (@bfuys)

This week I was lucky enough to spend some quality time in my special place, with some very special people. #gettinslotty #noboysallowed #desertvibes

Nancy Weber (@luminenancy)

I finally got my very own room after 36 years! The boys can have the rest of the house. #outdoorlivingspace #patiodecor #noboysallowed #outdoorlivingroom #bohodecor

Jeena Love (@eastcoastvirgo)

When all the bedsheets fly off cause they having fun. Lol #divas #kids #fun #summerfun #noboysallowed

Victoria Mast (@victoriamast)

If you're in the Katy/Houston area and want to get in shape, have fun, and be surrounded by the most incredible women, join me Wednesdays at 7pm for Kalisthenics (a body weight workout) and Fridays at 11am for a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class at K Dance! A new Level 1 Pole journey begins tomorrow evening at 8 so if you've wanted to get into pole fitness, now is the time!!!!!! Members get into these classes free, you can pay as you go, and if you're new to the studio, you can try these classes FREE for your first week.
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alexandraa clowers (@alebazandraa23)

Absolutely pissed off.. Fake ass boys parading around as these loyal men. I'm so tired of watching them hurt the people I care about. Im about to create a dating website where only nonfuckboys can join πŸ˜‚. And I'll weed them out. Like seriously! Why do boys target the sweetest most amazing girls and treat them like garbage only to replace them with actual garbage? Im so sorry to every girl that is looking for the one for them in this generation. I'm so sorry. You're invited to a no boys allowed pool party. Only alcohol, music and good times. #noboysallowed #growup #whenwillitbeboyztomen πŸ˜‚