Martin Lim (@lim.martin)

Doing a topography survey in a mid day when the sun is really above us, in a very big island where trees are very rare, contour are really up and down, rocks along the soil.
And I got lost and separated from my team in the middle of the island. It was really quite an adventure and survival instinct booster.
#adventure #hiking #notwellprepared

Blank Signs (@blanksigns)

blank sign 36 – Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.

Blank Signs (@blanksigns)

blank sign 35 – Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Kei Sakura (@keisakura)

🚨🚨🚨🚨UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE🚨🚨🚨🚨 Although I had to resort to extreme measures to get their attention, it worked. Since they didn’t like being called out, I’m getting a refund. That’s fine because realistically, I can make my own service dog vest. I’ve dusted off my seamstress rust, so I just need to make the pattern and get a few items that I don’t have (strapping, buckles, etc). When I actually have the refund in hand I’ll update the blog post and everything.
What astounds me is that they actually said in their response, β€œI can’t guarantee when you’ll get your item.” So, the people still waiting may very well be waiting another year. Such bad business.
@servicedognimbus and @muttropolitangearshop
I will remove all of this once I have my order of vest and handle in hand. No refund! I only want what I ordered.

Blank Signs (@blanksigns)

blank sign 34 – Duiven, The Netherlands.

Madame_Yemi1 (@madame_yemi1)

Little advice to all those who have online stores.. πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€pls improve your customer service skills! Improve your communication skills πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€and then maybe you will get more customers or... the old customers will keep supporting you.. I’m just saying I will keep my money in my pocket when your customer service skills SUCK!!! Nuff said. (mic dropped) #NoCommunication #MiNahBegNoBody #YuhFiKno #SoManyOtherPlacesToShop #StepYourGameUp #CommunicationIsKey #NotToday

todd bradley (@mrtoddbradley)

One Marine one POTUS is #Obama the other POTUS is #trump. #symbolic placement of their helicopters. One is #freedom #peace #love #respect #equality #immigration and the other one is #caos #wired #separated #falling_apart #cut_up #nocommunication

Blank Signs (@blanksigns)

blank sign 33 – Westervoort, The Netherlands.

OurEureka22 (@oureureka22)

Still no word from land developer regarding titles. Stonehill estate manager has no explanation as to why the titles are not yet issued. #stonehillcommunity #bacchusmarsh #nocommunication #homebuyerscentrevic #eureka22

Blank Signs (@blanksigns)

blank sign 32 – Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.