Funds2Orgs (@funds2orgs)

You don't have to throw a big event to raise money. Gina and her group chose to try a shoe drive fundraiser recently instead of spending their budget on an event. This is her story

AFTP (@artistsforthepeople)

Happy Martin Luther King Day everyone! Quoting the great MLK, no matter what day it is, it's always the right time to love and help others. We love you all!

Marianna (@mariannadphillips)

Amazing turn out at #castlekeap yesterday, thanks to everyone who came for @peaceaccelerators and helped assemble 260+ meals! 💛Special thanks to @go.deed, and to our incredible presenters @farmingitup🌱for @squarerootsgrow, @miraclemessages ✨and @nonviolenceny 💛

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Each of us can carry on the legacy of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through our voices and our service to others. #martinlutherking #mlk #service #community #nonprofit #mlkday #mlkquotes #peace #love #faith #support #legacy

RVR Horse Rescue (@rvrhorserescue)

Freedom has come to finally trust people again. If only she could tell us her story before RVR.
We have a pretty amazing picture of her with one of our dedicated volunteers who has spent a lot of time with her. Have a beautiful day.

#rvrhorserescue #rescue #horsesofinstagram #nonprofit

Tracy Stettler (@salamonkeyprimaryschool)

After we finished our class this morning, I took these guys out to eat breakfast before returning them back home. The difference between the morning students (who are very poor) and the afternoon ones (mostly moderately poor)...these guys need to eat a full meal because they don't have enough food to eat at home. I've known them long enough now so they're not shy to tell me that they're hungry. No child should go hungry, ever. #salamonkeyschoolkep #poverty #hunger #education #nonprofit #modern #school #Cambodia (

Reflecting on the incredible legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. today. There is still a lot of racial justice work to be done and we are committed to being informed and compassionate allies.

DC SCORES (@dc_scores)

"The time is always right to do what's right." - Martin Luther King Jr. #MLKday

Silence.Never.Wins (@crying.voice.project)

This Queen is embracing herself and removed the tape! Will you? DM us to be featured!
RepostBy @kthibeaux: "Crying Voice Project has challenged us to remove the tape! By removing my tape I vow to be transparent and release the chain! I am challenged to break the stigma and speak out! I am taking my voice back. Growing up and throughout school I was quiet, kept to myself and not very outgoing. As an adult I made some horrible decisions and put myself In situations that hurt others as well as myself. I questioned my self worth and my purpose in this world because I only saw negative in me. I am No longer questioning myself...I AM LIVING...I HAVE WORTH...I MATTER...I AM A CHILD OF THE MOST HIGH GOD AND I AM LOVED!! I am actively involved with the youth at church, a business owner of @positivitees.bmt and strive everyday to make someone's day better!! No matter how bad it may seem IT's NEVER ENOUGH TO KEEP THE TAPE ON...REMOVE IT, RELEASE IT AND RAISE YOUR VOICE TO HELP OTHERS OVER COME!! #cryingvoiceproject#removingthetapemovement#voiceforthevoiceless#mentalhealth#breakingthestigma#takingastand#nonprofit#atlanta#givingback#suicideawareness#breakingthesilence#weareonw#mentalhealthmatters#beinguncomfortable#growth#givingback#purpose#survivor#victornotvictim @crying.voice.project #steveharveytv#wetv#bravotv

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Hard to believe 'Faith, Hope and Pups' started hoping for 50 people to attend and we're now at the 5th Annual!!! Jack and I hope to see you at @biancaraefoundation 's signature fundraising event➡️Sunday, 2/19! Get your tickets now @
Thank you @kesq_news_channel_3 for the support!

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Lots of good sparring at @dreamlandboxing for @24kkingali1's media day! #boxinglife