Weight Watchers Coach (@carol_weight_watchers_coach)

You get to choose your path in life. Choose wisely. Will it be the path to good health or somewhere else? Will it be the road to a great quality of life as you age, or not? YOUR CHOICES TODAY MAKE A MASSIVE IMPACT ON YOUR FUTURE. Your everyday choices and decisions will add up to health or disease in the future.

Guess what this week's code word is. Two weeks ago it was "NEW". Last week it was "YOUR" What is it this week? See above picture for a few clues.

Next week make sure you join or attend a Weight Watchers session in order to be a part of a game changer. It's fantastic. You'll love it! You'll get the final code word as well.
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buddy⚓️ (@buddyythekitty)

storytime. I was minding my own business, right? And all of a sudden this I saw this fat monster (I think it's called an Hammad) walk by right. It picked me up and started PeTtInG me. Ik what ur thinking, how dare anything below a Versace on the Versace scale of good looks even touch me smh. I got upset and tore his blanket lmao, #SorryNotSorry #NoRegrets

CN (@smalltowntexasboy)

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” - Jeremiah 29:11

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Laura Perry Morgan (@lovelpm)

Because puppies & fitness are the BEST! Staring 12/1 come see me @reformedcentral at 6am on Tuesdays and 9am on Saturdays! I'm also teaching Reform @reformedarcadia at 4/5pm on 12/18 & 12/20! You don't want to miss it! 🐶🚴‍♀️🐶

Spinnaker's Reach Realty (@spinnakersreach)

We're ONE DAY away from one of the biggest holidays of the year! However, with family and friends in town, we KNOW you're ready to get out of the house.
Head out to Salt Bar on SATURDAY NIGHT to listen to to awesome beach music performed by The Embers (ft. Craig Woolard)! Starting at 8:30 p.m., you can dance off all the turkey and bring your out-of-town guests to experience some true Crystal Coast entertainment. Grab your dancin' shoes and head to Salt Bar on Saturday night!

C L A I R E P R I C E (@stylingbyclaire)

Bye bye sequins! This gorgeous clutch is about to sell out - for good. If you need this glitzy bag in your life to accessorize your LBD wardrobe...don’t hang about. Shop link in bio or get in touch so you don’t miss out. #allthatglittersisgold #gold #sparkle #itslikechristmas #ivebeenagoodgirl #fashion #stylist #sdstyle #sdjoy #noregrets

My Nutrisystem Journey (@nutrisystem_journey)

Breakfast: NS bran flakes with 1/2 cup of skim milk. I had Taco Bueno last night. #noregrets. I just needed a dinner off from my diet.

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Shannon 🌺 (@trainyoufit)

Buzz kill? Maaaybe, but what the heck. This is where it starts (or ends), folks. You know what I'm talking about...we plan on eating small portions, telling ourselves just a wee bit of everything, but "everything" is soooo good! So then we decide that we'll just walk it off after dinner, but we're so full we wait until our food settles. Football starts. It gets dark. We nibble what's left out. We fall asleep. Then the guilt. The "well, I already screwed up" mindset kicks in and December is a mess. Which brings us to that ill-fated New Year resolution. Sound familiar?? Let's break the pattern!! Dig in deep and create a new holiday habit! Eat the protein and veggies on your plate FIRST! Set the fork down often and drink lots water. Be thankful😘 Life is good!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Giulia Urbinati (@giulia_urbinati)

Da piccola avevo paura di tutto ciò avesse i denti aguzzi: 👹
i protagonisti e responsabili dei miei incubi e dei miei pianti notturni erano lupi mannari, vampiri, o quella faccia da 🌵di IT (😩😭).
Oggi so che le cose più spaventose non hanno i denti.
Quello che mi terrebbe sveglia ora è il pensiero di arrivare in fondo alla vita con un sacco di "spunte" mancate.
Il pensiero di me vecchia e piena di rimpianti mi spaventa a morte e niente mi terrorizza di più.
Mi sono solennemente promessa che tutto quello che c'è da fare per spuntarli, quegli obiettivi e quei desideri, lo farò.
L'aver detto di sì a questa attività è il modo più concreto che abbia incontrato fin qui per mettere le mie gigantesche ✔️☑️✅...e farla finita con le paure❤️🤙🏻
Notte sognatori ✨
(E vaffanchioppo IT!! 🖕🏻😝🖕🏻)
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