Book Of Projects (@rahm_cat)

malcom x like okay okay I guess your method worked but I still want to beat that ass. #happymlkday
Also malcom x is wondering if his twin was talking about him because malcom has dreams based on conversations he has with friends. #nothappy

Cris☹️ (@unhealthy.habit_)

- Something often lost. Take for granted. Forgotten. Am I happy? no.
Reasons, as to why im not....are many.
How do I live without such? I ignore the pain, I ignore the guilt, I ignore the emptiness and hollow feeling. I ignore the feeling of being incomplete. -Be happy while you can. Smile until your face hurts.
Laugh until your stomach burns.
Live like its your last day.
Love like you've never lived before.
-Ask youreself this question. "Once my happiness is gone. How will I live?" #depressed #depression #happiness #nothappy #livelifebeforeitsdone #poetry #sadness

Bruce Aka Salty (@au_rangerdanger)

Picked this little cutie patootie up on Sunday morning on Tonkin Hwy. He had the best time playing for the next two hours, but sadly doesn't like selfies. Charlie is now safe and sound at home after his adventure! #iPhone #iphoneonly #bestphoto #photooftheday #selfie #hilarious #nothappy #dog #dogs #followme #follow #followforfollow #dogstagram #labsofinstagram #lab #labrador #firefighter #fireman #rescue

DickySingh (@dickysingh16)

Well,Big eats with family ,but not special πŸ˜žπŸ˜’πŸ™ #Eat #big #Nothappy #family #sorry

Sarah Wray-Lowden (@sarahwraylowden)

Left the almost-four-year-old unsupervised for a few minutes to read his brother a story. He decided to sneak into the kitchen and sample his birthday cake, thinking he'd get away with it if we didn't see him do it. #howdoifixthis #nothappy #realsubtle #whymustyoudothis #momrage #thisiswhywecanthavenicethings #freetoagoodhome

loneliness. (@sncppy)

Loneliness is a dark place. It’s like sitting in a room at night by yourself and feeling like this is eternity. It’s like being in a place with a thousand people but feeling invisible to every one of them. It’s like walking on a path without any directions, without any idea when it will end. Loneliness is feeling like you are meant to suffer alone; loneliness is suffering alone. Loneliness is unnatural; human beings are to be in relationship. Loneliness is fear; there is no freedom in it. Loneliness is anxiety; worry its sister, uncertainty, its friend. Loneliness is endless wonder about endless wondering. Loneliness is cold with no hope for warmth but it is also unbearable heat. Loneliness is an awful paradox. Loneliness is drowning in a sea or in a crowd of people. It is believing that your existence is insignificant; it is believing that you are meaningless to anyone and anything. Loneliness is tragedy; it is heartbreak and hardship and hurt. Loneliness is being covered in open wounds and scars that never heal. Loneliness is shame. Loneliness is misery and sorrow; it is grieving with no hope. Loneliness is blinding and deafening. Loneliness is feeling unable. It is feeling discarded, unwanted, and unloved. Loneliness captivates nothing and no one. Loneliness is a bad dream but you cannot be awoken, you do not see the light of day. Loneliness constricts the heart. Loneliness cripples the body and the mind and the soul. Loneliness is unconscious and numb. Loneliness is endless tears for change – any change that will tell you that you are alive. Because loneliness is dying at every moment; loneliness is death.

American Mercantile (@americanmercantile)

The boy thought it was a good idea to cover the dog in bubbles from his bath. The dogs not happy!! #americanmercantile #nothappy