Nicolas Buligan (@nicbul)

My tool pile needed wrangling so built this little box to contain it all.
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Peter & Jenn (@peterandthejenn)

First base for new/updated #girlymegadesk for my wife and there are plenty of problems that I see, but it should still work.... #notsofinewoodworking #woodworking #firstbookshelf #joysofplywood

James Paul Vincent (@slave2atrade)

Moving right along on this #endgrain #ohio #cuttingboard 😬 Super excited to see the finished product. Make no mistake. There is not attempt to a pattern here. As with many aspects of my outlook on life I just kinda go with the flow. I’m not sure if it alleviates stress or encourages 🤔 Either way I thinks it’s gonna be the #beesknees .
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Grant Frye (@brookforestwoodworks)

Today’s #tbt goes back to the rustic laundry shelves I made for my mom last Mother’s day. They were 50 year old fence wood that I sanded down and polyed with a iron pipe rack. Fun little project that gets daily use, and meant vastly more as a gift than it cost to make.

Bryan Nussbaum (@nuttree_309)

Psyched on the amount of time I’ve got to spend in the garage working with some wood. It’s cold as shit, but the numb toes and fingers are worth it. Sometimes I get so hung up on researching how to make something, thinking and reading about tools...and thinking about how I want to replace and add specific ones, that I almost forget, the best part is actually making something. Milled some walnut that I got a few years ago and I’ve been meaning to work with for a while. .
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Kelsie Gray (@kelsie.d.gray)

Maybe they call hand tool woodworking a "dying art" because that's how all of that sawing makes you feel.

On the plus side, I now have a blister that bears a striking resemblance to my home state of Oklahoma!

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Randy Smith (@kashiwawoodworking)

Pallet chic has now officially jumped the shark.

Owen Crane (@o1crane)

UPDATE: Happy to report that @boschtoolsna contacted me probably within ten minutes of my post, asking for details, apologizing, and offering to send a replacement. Definitely gotta give credit for customer service like that in this day and age... I didn't make this post to get anything free and had pretty much written it off as a freak accident, but that was a pretty nice surprise from bosch.

Had a pretty gnarly little disaster the other night. As you can see, my "guide bushing" no longer has the "guide" portion attached, and my table has a hole in it the size of a violently out of control 1/2" bit 🤤 Happened awfully quick but from what I can decipher - the little cylinder that rides on your fence broke off (wtf!?!), and what was trimming less than an eighth, quickly became a quarter or so and I think as I tried to abort and pull away, something caught and kicked back. Shitty that these are the only guide bushings that fit on my otherwise great @boschtoolsna router. Guess I'm saving up for a festool that accepts the one piece brass bushings. Lucky I guess, to be needing surgery on my table and not myself. Also lucky I have some length, I've patched it and will see what the client thinks, but could cut it off and do again if need be.

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Alex (@a.from.b)

Made some clips for @mxldwg today. They will attach protective guards to his bass speakers. They hopefully prevent from damage in the near future. 😉
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Rob LaPlaca (@roblaplaca)

Hand cut dovetail attempt #6

Casey King (@casey_king_portfolio)

Creating something a little finer. Still very scared of fine wood working. I'm trying to be calmed by the words, "If you can't make a mistake, you can't make anything."

Randy Smith (@kashiwawoodworking)

I hate how our lives have become so perfectly curated on social media. Perfect days, perfect people, perfect projects. Well here's my protest. Installing this beautiful sapele storm door that I've been building between other jobs. Apparently working on it, setting it aside, working on it, etc wasn't a good idea. Almost 1/2" too narrow. Looks like I'll be milling sapele this afternoon. Hey Margi, I'll have the new one installed before you get back. Promise.