Wauwauwau🐶🐶 wann wirfst du endlich mein Spielzeug 😂🤣🤣 Bei uns die Leine auch richtig doll über das Ufer getreten und hat das ganze Tal Unterwasser gesetzt.
Die Strömung war nicht sehr doll deswegen durfte er auch rein 😊

Adoreas Red Lana (@adoreasredlana)

Første ordentlige svømmetak med litt motivasjonshjelp!💦😄🐶☀️

NOVA NOX (@nova_nox)

Relaxing with my favorite duck after an amazing first family vacation with my moms!! They brought me to Maine where I swam in the lake and played with my new friend Cassie!! #novanox #novascotiaducktollingretriever #nsdtr #ducktoller

Wile E., Taz, & Sassy Daffy (@tollertunes)

Turtle Tuesday with Taz! He was so insistent to pop in and out that I just had to get a shot! 🐢 #traveltuesday #turtlepark #tasmaniandevil #babytaz #tollertunes #sarahannphotography

Frank (Frankie) (@frankthetoller)

Both interesting and scary at the same time. The fun stopped when I "pawed" him - so to speak 🐜

Pelle (@pellethetoller)

Found myself a comfy chair at the cabin too😌 mom had to find another place to sit😇