Parker Collins (@theneckdog)

Pancakes for the humans and kibbles for me??? 😡🐾 #rufflife

Tansy & Crockett (@tansypup)

Yay for National Bring Your Dog to Work Day! The pups had full run of @hellopaperkite while I finished up some videos today. Tansy was too busy complaining about how bored she was to pose for a photo...but Crockett has always loved the #officedoglife 🤗

Mint (@mintapp)

For non-dog owners, who missed out on Take Your Dog To Work Day, we've got tips to get your dog fix. #LinkInBio
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Nick (@nthomas33)

Today's #officedog Simone is throwing some serious sass

Brittni Sneyd (@inbinnity)

Hi this is Russett calling from, I wanted to follow up on the order you just placed with us for those @ruffwear vests -- I have paws-on experience with those so let me know if you have any questions or need anything! #NationalPutYourDogToWorkDay #OrWasItTakeYourDogToWorkDay #tydtwd #barkstaff #officepup #officelifeisruff #puppyatwork

c h e l s e a (@ckopfman)

Casually waiting for some belly rubs (she obviously came to the right person)

Dogs of MSP (@dogsofmsp)

Why can't everyday be Take Your Dog to Work Day?! 🗄️🐶🗂️🖇️ #werkwerkwerk 📷:@bcjaquith

Poor Richard's Press (@poorrichardspress)

When your outfits match and your mom's make you take a picture together. Happy #takeyourdogtoworkday (i.e. Everyday at PRP 😝)

425 Business Magazine (@425business)

It's #nationalbringyourdogtoworkday! 🐶 Not only is this a fun way to acquaint you dog with the place you disappear to for eight hours a day, but the presence of Fido at your office can actually increase your productivity and lower your stress. A 2012 study by @virginiacommonwealth found that employees who brought their dogs to work with them saw stress-causing cortisol levels fall by 11% throughout the day while employees without pets on hand saw their levels rise by 70%. Did you bring your pup to the office today? Tag @425business in your photos!