Valak (@valak_the_dutchie)

Valak gets to meet @thegoodshepherd13 today • he’s also excited to go hiking and swimming with his girlfriend Hallie too. 🌲🍁🌿🌊

Heather Rolland (@catskillshalia)

Fund raising t shirt — benefits 4 awesome efforts. Message me to place your order or for more details.

Nika The Maybe Malinois (@naughty_nika)

I’m laying here, with my messed up cone, decently medicated wondering who am I and how did I get here? #officialdutchshepherds #naughtynika #spayed #puppiesofinstagram #deepquotes #livelovelaugh #liveyourbestlife #contemplation

Bleu (@bleushepherd)

What do you mean you're leaving me for 12 days!?!?!?! That's the longest we've ever been apart! I don't care if I get an acre of land to frolic and play with other shepherd and retriever friends! 😔😞😥😭😓