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It's KINGSDAY! In The Netherlands, our king is turning 50 today!! Happy Birthday King Willem-Alexander! #kingsday #koningsdag #oitnb #netflix #taylorschilling #piperchapman #vauseman

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Da questo nido prestissimo usciranno le piccole cinciallegre nutrite adesso con tanta cura da babbo e mamma con bachini gustosi..... Ogni anno Γ¨ un piacere sentirli cinguettare e ossarvare i viavai dei parenti πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— Riconoscente per questo
#nido #nid #oiseau #oitnb #jardin

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Just screenshotted some awesome posts from @elysianhowlter because she's gonnq deactivate😭(so now I can steal them huehuehue)

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More life, more everything. #5WhyxNetflix

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I'm writing a paper on OITNB. There are many arguments to be made on why this show is revolutionary: the incredibly strong female cast; the diversity of narrative in terms of race, religion, class, sexuality, gender; the love story of a bisexual central character; the diverse "physical" appearance of the cast; the raw and direct approach to various social issues; the honest and vulgar humor from a predominantly female perspective.

I believe this show reflects our progress in society; I truly don't believe it would have been greenlit nor embraced twenty years ago. I have so much material to analyze and argue, and I'm pretty excited for this paper.
As a film lover, the production of this show blows my mind. I have never seen anything like it in terms of narrative and structure. The rich backstories told through brilliant flashback sequences is really what makes this show stand out in the technical sense for me. What a way to present character development and brilliantly humanize these criminals, guards, people. I believe everyone can find something in this show they can relate to, and I believe that is why this show is so popular. None of the characters are all "good" or all "bad," they are just simply "human." Every range of emotion and human experience is boldly covered throughout the series. Plus, it's funny as fuck.

OITNB isn't perfect, and the show doesn't need me to promote them, but it's a great show and an important one. Watch, if you are one of the few people in the country who hasn't yet...#oitnb #diversity #art #study #writing #school #women #revolutionary

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What a lane. It is my lane, hehe. I know a lot of you would disagree with this plottwist and don't get me wrong, I love Kat but I've just always preferred my bby Elena. This edit is so amazing, bless my soul.
Cr; @katerinavamps.

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