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I think I will stay here. Thinking a lot maybe not as much thinking as feeling. Last three years have been really busy. This is going to be the longest holiday I have ever had in my life. A lot of emotions coming up. #1 am I living my truth#2 am I teaching yoga in my authentic nature or am I swinging towards what people think yoga should look like.#3 how compassionate am I towards my self#4 am I working towards what I love to do or am I avoiding it afraid that I will fail. Number one question that keeps coming up for me am I a Yogi first or am I an Artist? It's a bit like what came first chicken or an egg. But deep inside I know that I am an Artist🎨 It's about time I start living it.#swing#warmlikesunshine#whydontwelivelikethis#ahimsaforthesoul#neverland#ojas#kapha#ayurvedalife#paradise#artist#yogi#artthroughyoga

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Doing chemo or cooking for someone who is? With a decreased appetite, taste changes, nausea, and needing no-smell-easy-foods managing a chemo friendly diet can be challenging. But here’s one of our favorites that can help build #ojas (life enhancing energy), pacify and ground Vata and just good old comfort food with an ayu-twist:

Ayurvedic Baked Mac & Cheese
• 4 cups dried pasta (for a little more sophistication perhaps try Maccheroni Al Torchio instead of traditional elbows)
• 1 teaspoon of organic Ghee
• 1 teaspoon of grass-fed butter • 2 teaspoons of organic all purpose flour
• 6-8 ounces of organic heavy whipping cream
• 1 cup of fresh water
• 8-10 ounces of organic cheddar • salt and pepper to taste
• pinch of turmeric • optional handfuls of organic arugula • optional mantra humming during cooking. Recommended: Ra Ma Da Sa

1. Pre-heat oven to 350
2. Bring a pot of water to boil, add salt and then pasta after it boils
3. While pasta is cooking, melt the butter and ghee in a cast iron pan over medium-low heat
4. Using a whisk slowly add turmeric and flour to melted butter and stir until flour is “cooked” (2 mins)
5. Keep whisking until smooth; add heavy whipping cream, salt and pepper
6. Cook over medium heat until very smooth, lumps are gone and sauce is thick (about 5 mins); then whisk in water and cook until thickened again (another 2 mins)
7. Stir in cheese and stir until smooth. Turn off heat
8. When pasta is almost done cooking, drain and add to sauce
9. Gently fold pasta into sauce, then garnish on top with arugula; bake for 10 minutes. Remove from oven fold over pasta and arugula, add another handful of arugula and bake for another 10 mins #ayurvedicmacandcheese #ayu #chemo #chemoday #comfortfoody #cancerawareness

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So handsome after my bath! Mama & Ojas bonding time. Grateful for every minute with this lil guy. #Ojas #minigoldendoodle #socute #bathtime #love #somuchlove #mamalovesbathtime #grateful #blessed #loveourfamily @bpetsch

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Ashwagandha is one of the most powerful ayurvedic herbs available to us. This potent rasayana is strengthening to the immune system and imparts energy, focus and a sense of well-being. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen meaning that it helps your body respond to stresses, both physical and emotional. We use this powerful herbal ally is many of our elixirs. Check out our website for more in depth information. Link in bio.

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Chocolate Tahini Cardamom Truffles. Happy Monday! 🙏⭐️ Recipe: 12 fresh medjool dates, 1/2 cup tahini, 3 Tbs organic dark cocoa powder, 1 tsp cardamom, 2 Tbsp cacao nibs, 2 Tbs coconut butter, sesame seeds for rolling. Pulse in food processor until smooth, make about 9 balls with dough and roll in sesame seeds.

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Got a changed look. ..I m seriously in luv with this look❤️❤️❤️ #N_A_ever❤️❤️
Nd plz don't look at this. Guy wid me. 😂😂😂Drama😂😂

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☆Ayurvedic pancake monday☆
Köstlich nahrhafte Hafer-Sesam-Pancakes mit einem Hauch Kakao, Piment & Vanille.
Ließen sich perfekt auf Backpapier in der Pfanne ausbacken - ganz ohne Fett! Yep das geht wunderbar! Dafür kam ein sattvischer Klecks Butter oben drauf, der sich wärmstens mit etwas Honig vereinte.
#breakfast #for #my #innerchild #frühstück #ayurvedisch #ayurveda #yoga #pancakes #honig #butter #haferflocken #sesam #piment #vanille #kakao #rasayana #sattva #ojas #lebensfreude #gesundheit #gesundessen #gutenmorgen #soulfood #yogafood #happyfood #smileyfaces #cleaneating #allnatural #healthychoices

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Pop up info.
Nov 23rd 11:00-16:00
@Mie center for the arts(Mie Prefecture/Kinki-area)
There are a lots of creators and artists and also good shops at this event. OJAS raw chocolate will bring some limited raw sweets /raw chocolate/ parfait / raw cake / cacao tea and some of them.
Please come and find me!
Thank you.

11月23日 11:00-16:00

#ローチョコレート #ローケーキ#グルテンフリー#rawcake #ojaschocolate #rawchocolate #ojasrawchocolate #ojas#waccaworks

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❁ in ayurveda the term "ojas" is likened to vital essence/ life-sap/ immunity •~ ojas is the essence of our positive vitality ~• there is a certain amount of ojas that we are born with, a certain amount that we can revive from the food we eat, from time spent in nature & a little lost and gained through samskaras ...
❁ nature builds ojas, witnessed as its underlying sense of inner strength & vibrancy ~•

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🌅Hoje teve remada linda contemplando a beleza do encontro do Rio Cocó com o Mar🌫️ e depois uma prática de yoga na ilha... 🏝️ Um momento único de conexão com a Mãe Natureza, onde respiro fundo e recarrego minhas energias pra começar uma nova semana! ✨✨✨