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If I were to pick a facecleanser that pretty much solved most of my everyday problems like makeup residue (especially kohl) or even the need for a mild foaming facewash that did not leave my skin dry....I'd anyday choose the #moisturebalance foaming facewash from @olay . Though I keep switching facecleansers, I've repurchased this quite a few times. 💧It is specifically for ppl with normal-dry skin and since I have a combination skin with a higher tendency of being dry all over than oily on its bad days, it is PERFECT for me. 💧It cleanses thoroughly and is pretty foamy(umm yes, I like foam, not that I don't use the organic no foam face cleansers...it just is a personal preference) and it has vitamin e. 💧It does not strip my face off moisture at all, infact in its own way, it sort of nourishes the skin, but is very very easily washable...I am stressing on the easy to wash bit because a lot of hydrating face washes don't really seem gone post washing the face. The slippery texture is not really what I'd want in the name of moisture 🙄 . 💧It is priced at INR135. I bought this from @letspurplle sometime back. I am almost out, but am unable to find it anywhere..so well, that has me worried 😓

So it is indeed a super affordable product that I would buy even if they hiked the price. 🤔

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Sup OL fam. Hope you all are having wonderful time. Thanks a ton to everyone who had send me message of appreciation and trust me it's not the quantity but quality of followers that matters😘

A month back I switched from a different brand to Olay essentials, I have been using Olay creams from a long time and now I finally gave their cleansing milk and the toner a try.

Talking about the product one sentence should be enough, Olay can never let you down. The cleansing milk is exactly of right texture, not that light to just flow off your skin and not that thick to make it difficult for spreading. It spreads easily and evenly and works amazingly well, gets well absorbed by the skin and easily wipeable with a cotton pad.
Coming to the toner first and foremost it's color makes it very easy to determine how much you are pouring it into the cotton pad (if you use it that way) giving you that cooling and soothing effect 😁
It is a little expensive when compared to the other brands, apart from that I am in love with this product, gives you an excellent result and has become a part of my night time skin care routine and it is of great help when wiping off the makeup, doesn't leave your skin dry and patchy.
Final words: must try.

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Hi guys,
Have you tried this amazing product from @olay. Natural white comes with spf 24 which is descent enough for summers and even for winters. It keeps your skin nourished and protects it from harmful sunrays without damaging your skin. 😚 For complete review follow the link below.
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Olay total effects 7 in 1 BB cream Touch of foundation.@olayindia @olay 🔹Simple, plastic packaging. Not exactly very travel friendly. I do appreciate the Pump dispenser for hygiene and ease. (Apologies for the messy product picture, but that's just how you know a product is being used and loved, right? 😉)
🔹Mousse-y texture. Takes a considerable amount of time to blend in. But once it's in, OMG do you see that glow?
🔹Very sheer coverage. After all, this is not a foundation but a BB cream. Gives a lovely dewy, even toned look. Most BB creams leave the skin dry and patchy. This one leaves everything glowy, soft and smells good!
🔹If you are not into the dewy look, translucent powder will do the trick though Combination skin types might get oilier during the day.
🔹Extra points for SPF!
🔹INR 799 for 50gms.

Rated 7/10.

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@Olay Total Effects is the result of years of state-of-the-art anti-ageing research. It has been specially formulated to help fight 7 signs of ageing. Total Effects Gentle UV is fortified with SPF 15 that prevents your skin from the harmful ageing effects of UVA and UVB rays. This is suited especially for a hectic lifestyle that requires you to spend time outdoors in the sun. Get your hands on this awesome product today 🤗
Watch the complete review on my channel :
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Summer summer everywhere, I find no place for shade. Summer is giving us quite a tough time but we know how to tackle it.

This two product have become a must for me and I am addicted to them honestly. I am a loyal customer when it comes to olay and lotus herbal always amaze me.
I use my olay day cream with spf 24 on regular basis, i keep reapplying it everytime I wash my face. But this cream is quite heavy and is very obvious when you apply it as it gives you that shiny oily look but it keeps your skin hydrated for very long. I prefer applying it for indoor because since the cream is thick it tends to make you a lot more sweaty than usual but it smells amazing I bet you on that. (Pic 4&5)

Lotus herbal safe sun is a newly launched sun protection claiming to be matte with spf 30 and that's a plus point. The texture is really fine and light and on application it makes your skin feel still nude. It doesn't give you that glossy or oily shine and you are good to go. I apply it while I am going outdoors and it doesn't make me feel sweaty or gives me that patchy look and keeps my skin well hydrated (pic 2&3)

Even if you wear a hijab apply the sunscreen protection well specially around the eyes and hands and tap your palms around your neck with the left over, as sun can even damage your skin under the cloth.

If staying in Middle East you need a higher spf compared to this spf 30 and 24.

P.S this products are easily available. They do not belong to high end.

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Miss Universe 1994 & Miss Universe 2015 trust the no.1 skincare for their face to maintain naturally,beautiful younger skin and that's Olay Total Effects #MissUniverse1994 #MissUniverse2015 #SushmitaSen #PiaAlonzoWurtzbach #Olay #OlayTotalEffects #OlayPhilippines #OlayIndia @sushmitasen47 @piawurtzbach @olayphilippines @olay 🇮🇳🇵🇭👑👑

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Beautiful queen in new ad🔥😝😘
ملکه جذاب در تبلیغ محصول olay🔥🔥💛
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Was Total Effect totally worth it? Find out in our new post on the blog. Direct link in the bio. #fashionbombay #sonuandjasleen #fbloves #olayindia #totaleffects

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I have been using Olay Total Effects Light Weight Anti-Ageing Cream for over 3 weeks now. Check out my blog www.bbeautilicious.com for a detailed review 😊 @olay #olayindia#olaytotaleffects

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It's never to early to think about signs of aging. The sooner you start looking out for these signs, the sooner you can control and even prevent them. Head to the blog to read all about our experience with the @olay skincare range! ☺️ Link in bio.
Photo by @mohitvaru °
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I used Olay Total effects for a couple of weeks 💆🏻Read my review on the blog(link in bio)
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Reverses signs of ageing and protects skin from harsh sun ☀️ Read my @olay review on the link in my bio! #shereenlovebug #olayindia #antiageing #olayskincare #indianbeautyblogger

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My Most beautiful lady in B-town.. . .
At #olayindia