Deb (@thefrontdoorproject)

This stunning example of Federal architecture is the Aaron Bissell house, built in 1813. Located on Old Main Street in South Windsor, CT, which was once considered part of East Windsor, it has been added on to over the years. Only two of the homes seven chimneys are visible in this shot! Mr. Bissell was a prominent resident in town, running Bissell's Tavern nearby, as well as a store and post office, and serving in local government (is it just me or did people seem to have 3 or 4 jobs back then?) He built this home after building a nearly identical one next door for his daughter Sophia and her husband. Bissell's Tavern was on the route from Hartford, CT to Springfield, MA and was an important meeting place during the Revolutionary War. I have been fortunate enough to see the interior of this home and it is quite something! #southwindsor

Sarah | Chicago (@vignette250)

Veggie garden, red door & a mansard roof that almost takes the whole cute place over.


Perfect for Interior Thursday! ❤️
A look inside Barrington's White House, which was recently turned into a community and cultural center/rental space.
Orginally built in 1898 by banker John Robertson, the house has served as a private residence, a hospital during the Spanish Flu epidemic, a nursing home, and office space.
#interiorthursdays #staircase #1890s #oldhome #whitehouse #oldhouselove #theamericanhome #barringtonillinois

Laura Schaefer (@withlauraschaefer)

Met with the cutest shop this week and am excited they're picking up the @shopwanderinglark line! Getting some of these tins ready to head out the door for them! #candleaddict #wanderinglark

Scott Slagor (@sslagor)

Passed this great Gabled-ell in Reed City, Michigan a couple weeks ago
I love the contrast between the auburn leaves and cream brick. #historichouse #michiganplacesmatter #archi_ologie #oldhouselove #italianate

Katie Bowman (@katieleighbowman)

This is where the mid century record cabinet I thrifted last week lives for right now. Kind of unconventional but I think I'm liking the different styles of furniture layered like this! Thoughts?

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Erica Swagler (@living_in_a_landmark)

A touch of fall in front of the old girl. Joining in late for the #cottonstemheartsoldhomes creep tonight - so much #oldhouse love tonight on this hashtag hosted by Erin @cottonstem and Christi @halfwaytoheavenhomestead. Go check it out! .
#oldhouselove #historichouse #greekrevival #lymantrumbullhouse #fanlight #portico #haintblue

GreenPen Investments (@greenpeninvestments)

Throwback to putting up this 28 foot microlam beam from @kuikenbrothers. A previous owner took down a load bearing wall on the ground floor of this house, without putting in new supports. So, with no support, the house was slowly collapsing in on itself...a very dangerous situation. Luckily, we were able to save the house by jacking it up, sistering the existing floor joists and putting in a 28 foot microlam beam with steel support posts bolted down to concrete.
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A common theme in every conversation we have with prospective Roundtables members is the owner’s overwhelming feeling that they are “on their own” when it comes to figuring out how to succeed in this industry of ours. ________ Clearly, we would love these companies to become members of Roundtables, but what other resources are out there? In today’s throw-back episode of PowerTips TV, Victoria takes a closer look at other resources and gives you several to explore for more help with your business. Enjoy! Link to video now in our profile.

AmandaEdwards (@aedwards_art)

We found this small box of black dye in one of our walls. It's from the 1860s. It was pretty common for people to dye old clothes black when they were in mourning. Not everyone could afford new mourning clothes. #1850house #mourning #victorian #victorianhouse #renovation #oldhouse #oldhouselove #black #dye #capeelizabeth #maine #treasure #lookwhatifound #civilwar #victorianmourning

Rachel | The Little Homeplace (@thelittlehomeplace)

Having a fixer upper farmhouse is no joke, friends. The longer we live here, the more quirks we find, the more odd noises we hear, and the more leaks, wiring, and poorly done jobs we have to fix. I always knew this place had potential, but I'll be honest. When we first moved in, all I could see about our house was the wrong and the ugly. It didn't feel like home at all. BUT ☝🏼now it does. It has taken hours and hours of work, love, coaxing, and smoothing down the rough edges, (and we're not even done yet!) but now this place is HOME. And It fits like the best pair of old blue jeans.❤️ #cottonstemheartsoldhomes

farmhousevernacular (@farmhousevernacular)

Do you know what's better than a cast iron bathtub? FINDING a cast iron bathtub in the WEEDS behind your HOUSE!! 😍😍

Robby King (@yesrobby)

#Repost @marquisdefacade
For “Throwback Thursday,” I’m posting this picture from the weekend of September 2nd. Swipe left to see all three pictures. I was in Grand Rapids, Michigan visiting a friend and his wife and kids, when I spotted this lovely monstrosity on Fulton Street in the Cherry neighborhood. Grand Rapids, Michigan’s second largest city, has great and unique older homes. #grmichigan #grandrapidsarchitecture #oldhouselove #architect #archi_ologie #architektur #architecture #thisplacematters #historicpreservation

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✨INTERIOR THURSDAYS✨ It's all in the details! Thanks to @theluxuryagent for tagging 👌🏾
Grecian Key decorative radiator covers in an old St. Paul home.
#grecian #radiatorcover #decor #interiorthursdays #historichome #historichomesofminnesota #stpaulmn #oldhouselove #oldhomes #interiordesign 🔹🔹🔹🔹 you won't find these items in your big box store! 😉 Help spread the ⚡️ old house love by tagging #interiorthursdays and #oldhouselove for a feature

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✨INTERIOR THURSDAYS✨ pocket door envy 😻😻 Great capture from@1885chicago ・・・
Peek!!! During our home inspection, our inspector (who had a flair for the dramatic) said, "These pocket doors!....Almost makes me forgive them for what they did to that third floor bathroom." Let's just say, the bathroom reminds me of Miami Vice. 🙄 I much prefer these doors as well!!🔹🔹🔹🔹What's cool about old interiors? Amazing details, old growth wood, and craftsmanship that would cost a pretty penny now to re-create! 😉 Help spread the word about preserving these treasures! Tag your amazing old interiors to #oldhouselove & #interiorthursdays for a feature!