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The GOP STILL Wants To Repeal Obamacare "Republican lawmakers holding town hall events have repeatedly faced questions about ObamaCare. Among them: What are you going to do for people with pre-existing conditions?" "The Affordable Care Act, which Republicans are seeking to repeal, bars insurers from denying coverage to people with previous health conditions. The policy has long been one of the most popular parts of ObamaCare." "Before ObamaCare, 35 states operated high-risk pools, often at great cost." "Under ObamaCare, people with pre-existing conditions cannot be denied insurance because of their previous conditions. They also can’t be charged more for coverage." "Republicans have criticized the provision as meddling in the marketplace that raises the costs of premiums for otherwise healthy people." "Now that Republicans have the chance to repeal and replace ObamaCare, it looks like they may seek to create some version of the high-risk pools that were in place before President Obama took office." "Experts say states will need a consistent and sustained source of funding from the government for high-risk pools to work." "If Republicans created high-risk polls in all 50 states, they would need to appropriate at least $16 billion per year, according to Dean Clancy, a health policy consultant who worked for former President George W. Bush." "A leaked draft of the bill that Republicans hope to use to repeal ObamaCare would propose $100 billion in “state innovation grants” that are a version of high-risk pools, but appear to allow for a broader array of uses for the money by states. That works out to about $12.5 billion a year." "The money could be used by states to help sick people get coverage and stabilize premiums." "But spending billions a year on a new healthcare initiative could be a hard sell for some of the party's more conservative members, especially as they continue to battle the rising costs of the Medicaid and Medicare programs." Read --> http://bit.ly/2mChJNN

Remember Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan & the #Republicans come 11/6/18 #electionday!

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