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Face Oils have finally started to get the recognition they deserve. From Argan and Apricot Kernal, to Rose, Sweet Almond, Evening Primrose and many others, natural plant oils are packed to the brim with skincare benefits, for every skin type and condition. Neroli Oil in particular, is popular for its ability to anti-age, hydrate and even heal damaged skin, as well as having antibacterial and antiseptic properties that make it the ideal beauty oil for acne-prone and oily skin.
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Small, extra small or super sized - that's our #apples for this morning! Making tarts with seasonal surplus fruits today. Did you know that apple trees have a life of over 100 years? There are more than 8,000 varieties of apples – the largest variety of fruit to exist! #breakfast

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🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️I completed my first half marathon on Sunday. I was reminded of how amazing our bodies are. For all the strenuous activities, knocks, falls, crappy food, late nights, early mornings, stress that my body has endured over the past 35years - it still can enable me to get up and run a bloody long way one lovely, Sunday morning! I love my body and what it can do! Be kind to your body, give it the respect it deserves and half the battle is done. 💜

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お早めに... #kyoto

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I get it, I do. Some of y’all are sick of hearing me talk about these oils because all you hear is “MLM SCAM!!!!”
Trust me, I’m scared of MLMs also. They all seem super sketchy to me. That is, most of them. Young Living isn’t like any other MLM I’ve seen. I’m not stuck paying something I can’t get out of. I’m not losing any money at all, actually (in fact, I’m making money that helps pull my family out of debt and I’m only 2 months in). I’m not required to do anything. Basically, I just love essential oils in general for their amazing therapeutic and healing properties and Young Living’s oils are the purest form I can find, ANYWHERE. I want to share my love of these oils and how they’ve helped me with everyone because I want all of you to experience this kind of life altering therapy.
No joke, my life, sleep, marriage, self is much healthier, more stable, and happier than it ever used to be.
If you’re at all curious about how these oils can help you please message me and I’d be happy to guide you to the right oils.🍂

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Down in the 40's this morning!! Bout time to get the fire pit rolling outside again like this one evening. #ducks #food #organic #fire #cold #weather #hunting #sickforit #diverge6

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A la hora de presentar un plato, el objetivo será crear una experiencia culinaria que tiente a todos los sentidos, no solo al paladar. #gerbro #comevida #microbrotes #microgreens #sprouts #nasturtium #capuchina #florescomestibles #organico #organic #natural #saludable #deli #altacocina #cocinasana #cocinasaludable #emplatado #emplatar #emplatados #barranquilla