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🎁 2ª unidade com 25% de DESCONTO na Mia Cosmetics!😱 Ainda não tens o batom e verniz de unhas especial para estas festas? Aproveita agora esta promoção! ✅ Acede ao produto e marca directamente através do link do nosso perfil 🔺 ❗️ Promoção válida até 20/12/2017 às 13:00h (GMT+1)

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🧡 R I S E 🧡 Just four days with this oil from @herbivorebotanicals and my skin is resurrecting. It’s lovely to cleanse, hydrate & then massage this oil in & let it do its good work with omega-rich chia seed & rosehip oil.
🧡 I’ve always found that, without fail, my skin does better on less & when my routine overcomplicates, it’s a sure sign that I’m not content within ie I’m focusing too much attention on the external because the internal is unsettled.
🧡 Last week, I woke up & instead of unthinkingly reaching for the makeup, I LOOKED at my skin & thought, ‘Why am I covering you up? You’re perfectly fine as you are.’ Not flawless or HD-filtered or concealed & contoured - just fine.
🧡 I went into the day with bare skin & a smile. I did the same the following day, and the day after. 🧡 A week later & it feels glorious to be comfortably make-up free. To open the door to the world without uncertainty. I think it’s powerful to return to the naked face in the mirror - with acceptance, not discomfort. And to use that as your foundation.
🧡 And for when a bit of colour & sparkle beckon, my favourite all-natural makeup includes @inikaorganic (bronzer) @kjaerweis (blusher) @iliabeauty (mascara/pencils/lipstick) @rmsbeauty (lip2cheeks & uncoverup) & @absolution_cosmetics (La Créme de Teint & amazing lipsticks) 🌿

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Eccomi tornata ❤️ scusate l’assenza ma ho avuto dei giorni intensi! Mi sono accorta che ultimamente non vi sto mostrando i miei acquisti ( a parte mulac😂) ed eccomi qui a farvi vedere ció che ho comprato nell’ultimo periodo da @erboristeriabottegadellanatura 🌟
Alcuni ho già iniziato a testarli e mi piacciono un sacco, come il latte tonico bifasico e i cristalli liquidi di alkemilla 😍 ma più avanti sicuramente ve ne parlerò meglio, anche degli altri due😈❤️ voi li avete mai provati??

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WAH A GWAAN FAMILY. THE UNIVERSE IS MY UNIVERSITY EARTH IS ONE OF MY CLASSROOMS. SILENCE has a music of its own. It is not dead, It is very much alive, it is tremendously alive. In fact, nothing is more alive than silence. Great rising soul tribe. #organicbeautypriest #lightworker #rawvegan #vegan #rawveganchef #celebritymakeupartist #veganmakeupartist #makeupartist #crueltyfreecosmetics #crueltyfreebeauty #veganbeauty #organicbeauty #yogi #yoga #fit #fitbody #fitlife #fitness #fitforlife #fitnessmotivation #instagood #oneness #oneheart #onelove #knowthyself #beyondbeautiful #beyondnefer 🌱🌴🌎✨🌙💫🔥💦🦋🦋🦋🕊️🕊️🕊️🌺🐝🐞🍒🌺🍇🥑🍍🍉💯🕉️😇💚💚💚💜🙏🏿

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Look at these colorful vibrant bottles! 😍😍😍 Aren't they gorgeous? Just few days ago, my BF Earthwise beauty order came in; and now, I am so happy to see my goodly EWB collection (with some really cute samples!). 😁

My tryst with Earthwise Beauty products was arranged by The "Magnanimous" Boxwalla @theboxwalla! After trying the super-effective trio - Nap in the Meadow, Farizad's Veil, and The Ruby Facial Oil; I was completely floored! I knew I had to try more from this amazing range. So here I'm looking at my EWB squad with a sense of happiness, content, and glee. 😉
Now I could go on and on about each of these spectacular creations and their skincare benefits...but I don't think I'll be anywhere close to how creatively it's articulated on Earthwise website. You don't just get to learn how and why Ava chose a particular key ingredient but you also get to know the story behind each product! How fascinating... I mean where have you seen that kind of delineation? I absolutely feel enthralled reading them.
Which are your favorite products from Earthwise Beauty or are on your wishlist? (@goodearthbeauty)

Good morning beauties. Christmas is just one week away. I have to admit I love all the prepping so much and then it’s here. Hard to believe there are just 13 days left in 2017. So I’ll be bouncing out of bed in the next 6 days to finish up every last detail @goodearthbeauty [....]
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Ready for that moment under the mistletoe??

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L'Altitude Oil è un elixir multi-tasking da portare sempre con te e da usare al bisogno, per mantenere alta la concentrazione e per energizzare lo spirito; idelae per chi viaggia molto e per chi non si ferma mai. Altitude Oil è un naturale e potente sostegno del sistema immunitario e della mente, basta qualche respiro profondo di questa miscela sensoriale di lussuosi oli vegetali creato artigianalmente da Annee De Mamiel per rivitalizzare il fisico e la mente. Da utilizzare ogni volta che se ne sente la necessità: dopo lunghi giorni alla scrivania al chiuso, su aerei, treni o autobus; oppure semplicemente per decongestionare le vie aeree durante un raffreddore.
#EN Annee’s ultimate multi-tasking elixir, carry this inhalation essence with you at all times to keep a clear head and energise your mind when constantly on the go. “I am forever on and off aeroplanes and hate the heady feeling you can get on flights, not to mention the bugs everywhere! I blended this oil for my own use and swear by it whenever I travel or am generally feeling a bit run-down. Some deep inhalations every few hours make you feel so much more alive and ready to take on the world when you land.
W W W . G R E E N S O U L C O S M E T I C S . C O M
PH via @fromthebullet

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Sabato sono stata a Milano presso la @farmaciaraimondi per provare un trattamento anti age di @bottegaorganica..conoscevo già il brand, ed avevo anche già conosciuto sia @silviamazza1965 che @ma.righetti al Sana, dove purtroppo il tempo per parlare è stato ridotto, ma ci siamo rifatte questo sabato, dove siamo riuscite a fare una bella chiacchierata davanti ad una tisana (lo sapevate che bottega organica produce anche una tisana, per altro buonissima?!?)..conoscevo i prodotti di fama, ma dopo aver ricevuto un trattamento posso dire che sono rimasta esterrefatta: texture leggere, scorrevoli, idratanti e tutte anti age grazie alla presenza della salvia haenkey, un particolare tipo di salvia che viene utilizzata solo nei prodotti bottega organica dalle potentissime proprietà anti age..è vero, i prodotti Bottega Organica non sono economici, ma durano veramente tantissimo ed hanno una resa pazzesca sulla pelle..provare per credere ❤️ #bottegaorganica #luxurycosmetics #ecoluxury #luxurybrand #eco #ecobio #ecobiocosmesi #ecobiolover #ecobioblogger #organic #organicproducts #organiclover #organicbeauty #organicbeautyblog #organicbeautyblogger #nature #naturelover #naturevibes #mothernature #mothernaturerocks #morhernaturesbeauty #instablog #instablogger #italianblogger #skincare #skincarelover #skincareroutine #skincaretime #organicskincare

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One of my favorite parts of my job is receiving beautiful photos from beautiful clients. Thank you for sharing 💗💗 #norganicbabe

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Beautiful dewy skin begins from the inside out! Eating right 🥗getting plenty of sleep 😴 and drinking fresh water 💦! Hate the taste of water? Check this out! ❤️😘👉
10 Secrets to Drink More Water & Lose More Weight

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Book NOW for your post-Christmas @officialcaci_beauty MICRODERMABRASION facial to rejuvenate skin and reveal a bright, fresh and glowing complexion to kick-start 2018 ✨💫

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Prima, dopo e durante i prossimi festeggiamenti e veglioni 🎉🎉😏.. lui potrebbe diventare il vostro migliore alleato!! Il CORRETTORE per OCCHIAIE AVRIL 🐼 🎀 Ottima coprenza, non crea le fastidiosissime pieghette, in più contiene SOLO INGREDIENTI NATURALI e ha un prezzo davvero accessibile! Cosa volere di più? Venite a scoprirlo su.. BioBalù! 😁😋 Buon lunedì bellezze 🌻
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