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Throwback Thursday - Tracey Findlay & Cole
The call came in from one of our people. She had been alerted that there was a bloke at a local central coast shopping centre with a trolley full of underage puppies. Trying to sell them for a quick buck, maybe drug money but who knows and frankly who cares ..... underage, dehydrated pups sitting in a metal trolley for hours on end waiting for the highest bidder is a low act in anyone's books.
โ€จSomehow, with amazing detective skills our person managed to track down this idiots phone number ... :0 ... and called him. This was the start of some quicksilver negotiating and a few hair raising moments. โ€จLong story short - because the details need to be kept private - we secured the babies. Despite our very best attempts we were forbidden to desex the mum. This is something we insist on. Desex, vaccinate & dental, If needed, for the mum if we are to take puppies into care. In this case we could not and it still rankles us, but these pups needed help. โ€จAnyway, these adorable shopping trolly bubs were eventually safe after a lot of harassing, cajoling and negotiating. To recollect their beginnings they were gifted "shopping" names ie Cole(s), Aldo (i), Iggi (IGA) Macy (Maceyโ€™s)

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