Tom Goodyer (@thetinnykingy)

Going to Booderee National Park on Fri evening 24/02 until Monday/Tuesday, expect white sand beaches, crystal blue water and good times.

The best part is anyone is welcome to join, I can take up to 4 people! Slide into my DMs to join the adventure.
Also, crazy how this photo is literally 20 from Sydney CBD. Love finding these gems!

Rodion Ziangirov (@__rodevan)

Впервые я заинтересовался фотографией в 2015 году, когда гулял в живописных полях у бабушки в деревне. Это уединение с природой... Романтичная тишина, бесконечные горизонты, стрекот насекомых, легкое дуновение ветра, шелест листьев... Спокойствие и умиротворение... Тогда я подумал: "А что, если я вижу нечто подобное в последний раз ? Как же я хочу поделиться своими чувствами с людьми!" И я просто сделал кадр. Так и началось моё страстное увлечение фотографией!
For the first time I'd interested in photography, when I was walking in the picturesque fields of my grandma's village in 2015. Oh, that solitude with nature... The romantic silence, endless horizons, chirr of insects, gentle whiff of wind, rustle of leaves... The serenity and appeasement... Then I thought: «What if I see something like this for the last time? I want to share my feelings with people!»
And I just took a shot. So my passionate photography began! •

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Rinkkaputki (@rinkkaputki)

Tänään uskollinen vieraskynämme Anna kertoo ensimmäisestä kaamosvaelluksestaan! Käykää lukemassa.

Elmira Azizova (@elleazi)

Одно из преимуществ жизни в горах - вид из окна. Даже если день не задался, выглянул в окошко, и вроде уже и не все так плохо⛰️✨

Chandler Lefever (@chandalier__)

“We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone”
This photo, was taken from the first week from my time in Ireland last summer. It was a day where everyone was still jet lagged and wanted to relax, but @aussie_p and I decided to take advantage of our free time to take a hike through the rain, down the coast, and up the cliff side. This was one of the most memorable adventures of my time in Ireland. I love this place. I love this hillside. I love Greystones. And I can’t wait to go back!

Amber Gibbon (@zambereileen)

Esmé and I just returned home from a long weekend up in Washington where we attended my little sister’s first baby shower and celebrated the upcoming April arrival of my precious nephew-to-be.
It was wonderful seeing her ripe, round tummy, to listen to her speak the inward language of all expectant mothers, to see the pride shining in her husband’s eyes and hear the excitement in the voices of my mom and stepfather as we speculated about the upcoming birth and the newest little member of our growing family.
This was the first time Esmé and I had traveled alone together and it was really nice to spend those hours one-on-one, just mother and daughter. We slept together in my old bedroom, watched the Olympics at night, whispered secrets and laughed at inside jokes all weekend. Even though I was surrounded by my own mother and sister it’s the close connection that Esmé and I have forged that truly sustained me throughout an emotionally charged weekend.
It’s always wonderful to return to your childhood home and see family, but it’s a special kind of wonderful to return to the home one has created for a family all your own.
Especially when an overly excited welcome wagon of happy Labradors, clucking chickens, casual cows, purring barn cats and one very relieved husband are all eagerly awaiting your return. It makes a snowy mountain homecoming feel like the sweetest darn thing. 🌧️🏠☃️💕

S C O T T W I L L I A M S (@scottysgonewalkabouts)

Nothing quite like watching a bit of bush telly. 🔥🌿