Katie Moore (@ridiculouskatie)

These stickers. I know some people have a lot of smart a$$ comments to say about them. BUT they represent a whole lot more than just the miles ran. I had to fight yesterday but I earned it and I’ve already got my sites set for next year. #iambeastmode #austinmarathon #chicktribe #overcome #goals

Christina Lea Houck (@chouck9)

"Greatness is not measured by what a man or women accomplishes, but by the opposition he or she has overcome to reach his goals." - Dorothy Height

Motivation & Education (@mindofhabit)

🏖️Don’t live a lousy life. Take control and work hard. You are able to get what you want if you are determined enough🏅

Jennifer Hill (@jenniferof4boysandagirl)

I am running late for counseling this morning. Why you ask?? Because I was doing my make up and it's on point today.
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Lauren Burke 🌸 (@laurenelizabeth.fitness)

Happy Monday!!! Let me just start by saying, I’m very happy with who I am and the only person who brought me here is ME. Don’t let others try to take “credit” for encouraging you. You take life’s journeys on your own. 🔹
I’ve been bullied throughout high school from people I thought were my “friends”. These people turned out to be toxic and come back into your life when they see you are succeeding and doing BETTER. And not only that, try to take a role in your success by saying they “encouraged” you to get there which is FALSE. To this day I still deal with toxic people. But let them talk, let them say or feel whatever they want and DISTANCE yourself to give yourself and better path towards YOUR SUCCESS. Don’t let these people hold you back because that’s what they WANT. Go out there and thrive regardless of what these people have to say about you, because you know who you are, not them. 🔹
Let’s start this week off with a BANG. And don’t let those bullies or toxic people bring you down. Set yourself free and don’t be afraid 💕
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Heidi Hovan (@livewithgraceandtruth)

Oh ya know! Just getting things done!!!! Have to shout out @melrobbinslive and her #5secondrule !
Boy, am I glad I listened to her on @audible_com ! Kicking "but" and taking names. If your life is not where you want it, you owe it to yourself to listen to this, or read the book! Then get cracking and watch what happens when you call the shots in your life!