Shafida_Azizan (@shafidaazizan)

Bila mak dah rasa tak productive and lesu.

Mak need some space and me time to recharge energy..dan nak bagi otak center balik.😂haha

Maka,menjadik berdesup ler 2 orang ni..
Mak dapat menikmati kunyahan yang sangat mendamaikan dengan geng #maryjardinian mak..recharged!

Harini,azam misi kurus pun bermula!
Hari-hari pun azam kurus.😑 Salam Maal Hijrah Everyone!

Shafida The MJSeed💦


Trevor Myhre (@the_liftertarian)

First bench day at @thesupertraininggym . A lot of stuff still isn't really set up so after my working sets I changed my variations from incline #bench and floor press to #overload with the #fullboar #slingshot and incline dumbbells.
Working sets were 415lbs x 1 x 3, 440 x 2 x 2, and then supposed to be 3 singles of 465lbs but I bumped it to 485lbs. Then the last set I hit a double. Felt like I could have done 4. #overload was 495lbs x 3 x 3. Your move @daveatops ! Mwahahahaha! 😈😈👹👺 #benchpress #powerlifter #powerlifting #weightlifter #weightlifting #powerbuilder #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #heavylifter #fit #fitlife #weights #gym #gymlife #igfit #oldmanstrength #dadstrength #STrong #strength #beastmode #spf #muscle #Bteam #powerbelly #idontevenlift #reebokrecordbreakers
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Serena Lee (@quirkyredpanda)

You couldn't pay me enough to do this for a living #accounting #overload

Queen Of All Trades KAHC (@qoat_kahc)

organization overload! This was a major challenge! Finished in 3 hrs!!! 🙌🏼👏🏼 #overload #clean #dowork #freshstart

Allergy Friendly Bakery 👩🏻🍳 (@mmr.dash)

I'll have a #veggie #overload for dinner please 🙋🏻.
Es la primera vez en el día que me siento tranquila a comer algo saludable, tuve que andar en la calle todo el día caminando con el pie lastimado 😩 pero feliz de ver cómo una mujer decidida es capaz de tanto. Preparé todo para mañana, cargué mesas, compré cajas, estuve en bodegas, subí y bajé gradas unas mil veces y finalmente ¡estoy lista! 💪🏼. ¡No me queda la menor duda: una mujer decidida no necesita a nadie más que a sí misma! 💃🏻.
Me quería consentir con la cena y me preparé estos #zucchininoodles con tomate, cebolla y hongos 🍄 todo salteado en aceite de oliva con ajo 👌🏻. Me espera una larga noche de horno y me acompaña la satisfacción de sentirme #wonderwoman solo por hoy 😊. ¡Buenas noches! #womenempowerment #stronggirlsrule #independentwoman #happiness #dinner #healthy #followyourcravings

CristyLu (@cristylu0502)

Aaahhh. It sure doesn’t FEEL like fall outside... but it’s fall dammit and I feel it in my heart!! 🎃☠️👻🍂🍁 Drawing courtesy of the amazing @paigeschicker88 Still my all time favorite thing in my home. (Frame is broken but that’s an easy fix)

#halloween #2017 #itsthemostwonderfultimeoftheyear #WithOrangePumpkinsGlowing #AndBlackSpidersCrawling #itsthemostwonderfultimeoftheyear🎃🎃 #jackandsally #nightmarebeforechristmas #overload #ThisIsMyHouseYearRound #IJustTakeThingsFromMyBedroomToMyLivingRoom #OhImNotDone

Salt & Delight (@saltndelight)

When a customer asks for a customised cake but the only description given is "ALL THINGS CHOCOLATE", this is the practical solution. 😂
Featuring our Chocolate Indulgence cake, with a mix of Tim Tams, Ferrero Rocher, Kitkat and M&Ms for that touch of whimsy
Surely not for the faint of heart!

be yOur Own herO! (@theoneandonly_kier)

I will forever be a man of my word.
I won't say it unless I mean it.
I feel deeply. Love strongly. Work hard.
I keep my circle small and my heart large.
I forgive instantly.
I seek forgiveness when I've wronged.
I am far from perfect.
I will never be. Perfect.
I am most comfortable in tshirts and jeans.
I am simple and enjoy a simple life.
I can throw things away.
I can let materialistic things fall away.
I struggle when people I love come... go. Come back... and leave again.
I want to hold on to them, but I love them so let them leave...
... Whatever you do. Be real about it. ...
I've been alone for almost 5 years now. Throughout those 5 years I have studied. I have healed. I have grown. I have gained success. I have found my own definition of motherhood. I have found my truest friendships. I have learned the value of money and financial gains that comes from budgeting.. I have placed myself into a situation that has helped me prepare myself for my next relationship.
My heart is healed.
My debt is gone.
My feet are grounded and stable.
My independence is deep rooted.
I don't need a man because I'm needy.
I believe with all my being that the right relationships come together on their own. ❤️ I love Gods plan for family. I love Gods love for me as I have journeyed through my struggles. I love Gods unwavering, nonjudgmental, never ending support as I have chosen the road less traveled. He never leaves. One of the largest lessons I've learned is to - NEVER JUDGE. Social media makes things seem so perfect. There is no such thing.. we all have our stuff. Things aren't as simple as we think they should be. Less judgement, more love. Wherever you are. Whatever journey you're on. Go for it. Don't give up. When you think you want to, let your people in. There are angels among us, they're everywhere. Today has been so hard but as a count my blessings I can see and feel an abundance of love.
To my people. ❤️ Thank you! ....
Never give up! Never stop learning. Never rely on others for your happiness or success. Never Judge and love ALWAYS!! Xoxo


deux kim😂
impossible #overload

Connor Edwards (@theebobman)

Things you don't want on a Monday morning Legs with every set having an overload technique and a trainer telling you 5 more reps when you literally can't feel your legs thanks for pushing me this week @that_skinny_lifter and thanks to @cert4fitness for teaching us these sick training ideas 👌💪 respect!