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Kristina Lloyd aka KLove 🦀 (@directorklove)

It’s been 7 months since I quit ibuprofen... 😊 and I’m pretty happy about that!! I still have intense sensation from years of working out, but daily turmeric and black pepper tonic helps hold off the morning suffering and an extremely hot bath soothes the evening cripple effect. Plus tons of stretching and self-massage... 💃🏼 But dancing is my therapy so I’ll keep doing it. Thanks @lisaoxman for scaring me into quitting and @nicholasleland for lighting candles every night for my bath. ❤️
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Uzm. Dr. Ahmet Sümen (@drahmetsumen)

Bacak ve ayak ağrılarının sebebini anlamak için kullandığımız en kıymetli yöntemlerin başında EMG gelir. Birçok sinir ve kas hastalıklarının teşhis edilmesinde altın standart yöntemdir. Ayrıntılar: http://www.bamklinik.com/elektromiyografi--emg- #emg #sinirtesti #ağrımerkezi #ağrıtedavisi #painmanagement #physiatry #interventionalphysiatry #drahmetsümen #ahmetsümen #bakırköyağrımerkezi

Haley Scott (@haleyscotthealthandsunshine)

🙏YOGA CLASSES I’m teaching in MARCH
⭐️Hillarys Healthy Life Fitness Centre: .
Monday 7 pm to 8 pm Restorative Yoga
Wednesday 7 pm to 8 pm Hatha Yoga .
⭐️Greenwood Yoga Academy: .
Monday 9:30 am to 11 am Hatha Yoga
Tuesday 9:30 am to 11 am Hatha Yoga .
Love to see you there! 🙌
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Alyssa Michelle (@unapologetically_alyssa)

Arthritis. It fucking SUCKS. I have been in constant severe pain for about 3 days now, in my shoulder and in my knee, and daily I am in at least moderate pain for a large portion of the day. I'm taking meloxicam (prescription) and it's not doing enough. So I bought Glucosamine in the hopes that it will help.
Having so much pain has stopped me from going to the gym, which in turn has got my depression out of control. I currently take a low dose of Zoloft, but it hasn't been enough. So @jenny.beeee suggested D3, and a few others suggested B12. So I got those as well. I'll also be taking Aleve daily, as it is anti-inflammatory. Any other tips or advice is welcome, cause this SUCKS. #arthritis #degenerativejoints #jointpain #medication #painmanagement #pain #help #vitamins

Vida Wein (@thevidamethod)

To say that I'm fed up with what I think is IBS is a huge understatement. I forced myself to navigate this day of work with a square heating pad behind my back hoping nobody would notice. A couple of times I put one on my abdomen as well that resembled a small pillow which heats up in the micro. Lucky for me, nobody asked. It took a lot of mindful awareness breathing, and self talk, to distance myself from the pain and focus on the people sitting before me. After a while it became more manageable as I so enjoy the work I do each day. The therapeutic alliance is a very powerful one and it is this precise connection that infuses people with the confidence and skill to construct a new inner sanctuary for themselves. I was quite pleased with myself when the day was done cause I didn't think I could do it early this morning. I thought today would be a continuation of the weekend respite. But my soul wasn't having it and I didn't cancel a single appointment I had planned. During my lunch break I managed a blood test and found a new local #ibs specialist to consult with for this Wednesday in SF. So what did I realize today that might be of use to you?
1.We are all a work in progress no matter our life stage. And when a precocious teen tells u that they know the meaning of life, nod politely and move on without laughing in their face.
2. You are stronger than your pain. This is the power of #intention. I was so determined not to cancel a single appointment no matter what I had to do to get through it. And guess what, pain is not your boss. You are💪🏼❤️🥊🥊🥊
2. No matter how bad you feel about whatever it may be, it's gonna pass and you will feel stronger because you faced your challenge without giving up till it was done. Please don't ever give up🙏🏻. 3. Pain can become your spiritual guide. It can strengthen your resolve to fight and win if you learn how to befriend and beat it at its own game. This can be emotional or physical pain. I did the same work with myself today as I've done with cancer patients, women after miscarriage, postpartum, surgery, athletes, etc. getting through this day reminded me of how well it works to put pain in its proper place.🥊💥👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼