Cristina Getson (@cristinagetson)

Feeling frustrated with my big canvas. Playing around with some landscapes on paper instead 🎨

Jane Is A Southpaw (@artistjaneb)

No filters on my inner channeling of #bobross for the first time. Almost done! Oil on 11" x 14" canvas 🎨#oilpainting #paintingoftheday #canvaspainting #gamblin #artstudio #sunsetpainting

Molly Mansfield // Artist (@mollymansfieldartist)

I stayed behind to paint this morning, being 7 months pregnant I can't quite keep up with the rest of the gang and all of their exploring on this trip. I was excited and grateful for this opportunity though as my painting time has been very limited as of late. I plan to make a little collection of smaller works on this luxurious cotton paper. I think small pieces are where it's at right now for me with my 30 mins of painting here and there, that way i can actually get stuff finished.😂

Art guide (@elgallery)

او همه چیز صحنه را رنگ می‌کند، آدم، صندلی، غذا، و هر چیزی که در آنجاست در پوششی از رنگ شبیه آنچه در زیر آن است فرومی‌رود. در این گفتگوی روشنگرانه، مید توسط تعدادی عکس نتایج شگفت انگیزش را به نمایش می‌گذارد. الکسا مید یک رویکرد نو را در هنر ارائه می‌کند. زندگی برایش بوم و طرح‌های از قبل آماده نیست. در عوض، او یک موضوع را انتخاب می‌کند و سپس آن را رنگ می‌کند؛ به معنای واقعی کلمه.
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TheSouthernDraw (@thesoutherndraw)

Check out all the @thesoutherndraw designs for @janemariejewelry! How adorable are all these shirts for their Mini Marie line for your kiddos?! Coming your way this fall! 💕💕💕

Brenda Hozjan (@brendahozjan)

Continuing my experiment with colour here, concentrating not solely on expanding my palette selection, but also on colour application. I made it a point to pick up paint each time I laid colour down on the canvas. It stops you from over blending. I'm not sure how I feel about this painting yet. Sometimes it seems like for every step forward you take, there are at least two steps back. I think I need to explore this more. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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encourage creativity. (@lyricallartt)

one of my friends wanted me to draw this for her and i finally finished it!! i'm working on A LOT of new pieces right now (some are commissions) and i'm super excited to finish them to post them!!!!!!

Ana Aranda (@anarandaillustration)

Painting from my solo show @thetrickstore on 2015 #animaginarylandscapes ! Loved working with pigments and acrylics!
📷 by @dgarcialecompte

Jessi (@jessifikan)

Birds are available too- just message me for inquiry oil:prepared paper ♆ 8.5x5.5"

Jessi (@jessifikan)

Selling off these sketchbook studies 8.5x5.5" originals, signed and dated 140lbs coldpress watercolor paper
Please message me for price
top to bottom
✧striped bass : watercolor:acrylic
✧for your fight : watercolor
✧trout : watercolor