mayumi (@kkai227)

Watching the rain fall…

Winky the Exotic Shorthair (@winkys_way)

Laying in bed with my human, watching some Law and Order #SVU, judging these temporary ADAs #OnlyBarba #okmaybeCabbot

Lil Miss Rue (@lilmissrue)

I woke up like this. Happy Fri-yay! 😸❤️ #LilMissRue #RueOfPAWsomeCats

Chicken And Klink (@chicken_n_klink)

Klink update: this is the only thing he has eaten since Sunday! He ate almost the entire Churu and 2 hours later ate another half of one. So I'm hopeful. He does have pancreatitis. Waiting on the IBD test to come back. They found no blockage. His pancreas and spleen are enlarged. They took a fine needle aspirate of the spleen. He was given steroids and a million other things. So if the eating continues we are on the right path. If not, it's feeding tube time. They will also need to do a scope and see if it's something like GI lymphoma. #keepeatingKlink #yougotthis #klink

楊 Loki (@_lokidecat)

Oops! 😫 Exposed exercise early in the morning. 😂🏃

KucimCat (@kucimcat)

❤️ bila puasa nanti jangan keje nak tido je


Nala😽 (@nalalovessophie)

About one year ago, this little angel came to me💕 And today she had her first yearly vet visit @westgateclinic ✨ She is very healthy and got lots of compliments on her healthy and beautiful coat💗 I only hope she continues to be healthy and live with me furever❤️😻 Love you Nala😽 #throwbackthursday #nalalovessophie

Ming (@sirmingthecat)

Winter is coming. ⛄️

Henry & Pearl (@kinghenry_princesspearl)

Hi! 🤗 do you see some of my orange spots? 😻