BTS ARMY (@kittae_trash)

This little mochi is the ‘purest’ little fluff out of anyone. When he smiles he melts not only mine, but all of our hearts ♥️ his dancing is so graceful, and singing is so strong that he inspires all of us around him and makes us love him even more

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itssss gonnna beeee a lonngggg nightttttttt

95 Duo 🐯🐥💜 (@vmintrash95)

Hey guys sorry I haven’t been posting :( I just keep forgetting and I’ve been trying to keep my grades up since I have to C’s and bitch I’m going to high school soon and I don’t my teachers thinking I’m a dumbass. Anyways I’m gonna sleep Gn 😴❤️
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hixtape enthusiast (@lejindaryman)

hs loves yeontan dont @ me

Cola ||Don't Leave Me💞 (@bangtan.ot7.only)

If I'm the one doing his make up, boi I'd be bless to see such beautiful face up close :>