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Thanks to the best legal analyst in the biz @amydashtv for coming in today @jakebrownshow to talk Juice being loose aka OJ! #DigitalDash #OJSimpson

Freddy Meets Lito (@fmlpodcast)

O.J. IS OUT. Hearing that name never gets old. Freddy and Lito start their weekly discussion on the O.J. Simpson parole hearing. They also discuss the impact that Juice had on the world in '93 and that he still hason us today. But right before that, an interesting think piece caught the fellas' attention this week and it was about a young Haitian man who feels like he's loosing his heritage and culture by not mastering the creole language. There was a horrific incident in Montreal this week, a man stabbed his wife who was about 8 months pregnant and unfortunately the infant died. The charges that this man is facing still aren't confirmed due to the fact the unborn baby might not have been considered a person yet. 
And finally, the Lebron James saga continues. Kyrie Irving has publicly demanded a trade because he no longer wishes to play with the king. To hear their opinions about all these subjects, CLICK ON BIO & LISTEN

Outro: Coka Cola Challenge by @lkthagoon x Precise x @PushCake45

L'Oasi Mirto (@loasimirto)

Nella nostra volontà di fare CompraSud, abbiamo scelto di raccontare il Sud, il territorio, la poesia che in esso nasce, tra cibo e parole.

Uno dei nostri "pannelli didattici" riprende un brano di Pino MANGO, le cui parole sono di Armando MANGO.
"Sulle strade del Sud".
Un dipinto di cosa siamo.
Di cosa custodiamo.

L'acquerello che accompagna il testo, ripropone invece uno scorcio di un vicolo di Caloveto, paese di origine della mia famiglia.

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