Moses Manoher (@__in_pain_since_then__)

#Brothers V are 😎✌️ We laugh , we do things together , we fight sumtyms coz of situations but trust me wen sum1 comes in between us he cnt survive..!! 😎😎
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Vishnu Lingam (@vish_spark631)

I met you as a stranger. Took you as a friend.i hope we meet in heaven. Where friendship never end...

LOVE MYSELF❀️ (@jeevitha_gowda4)

We Know What Boys Want, We Are Not Going To Play.πŸ€—

πŸ’•R U C H AπŸ’• (@ruchita___)

@tamanna_taywade Happy bday. I luv uu too much. We've been friends since forever. I don't even remember the time before our friendship. You are my partner in crime. All our little fights that to bcoz of someone else, not talking and then talking too much, sharing all the dark secrets, and that call music sessions, that bhula diya n sathiya song, going to movies, our Shankar nagar chat, eating pasta in maths class, tution picnic and your drunk drama, heart breaks and crushes, train dance and shouting on road singing and dancing, free reliance calls, our firts cad-b time, and you insulting me all the time and that gali session by ur mom. You know m too stubborn to listen to any good advice that's y u always use reverse psychology on me. So much to say but yet words fail me. Hope our friendship stays like this forever. Boht aye aur boht gae bt hm tb v sath the aj v h. Koi wrong decisions n koi 2din ka aya banda hmari frndshp spoil ni kr skta. Don't u dare forget my half cake. Waiting for my calories portion. Sharing lifetime of friendship. #bday #bestie #teri_meri_yaari #partner_in_crime #bday_girl #lifetime_of_frindship #loveYou #life #forever #mybuddy #t