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Over the last year an a half, PYLAT has supported St Bedes College Pasifika students who wanted ie faitaga as part of their uniform as it was an important part of them feeling like they belong. After many discussions, the school board listened & on Thursday was the launch of the monogrammed ie faitaga. Shout out to our trustee Viane who led the mentoring support for this. Know that PYLAT is here to support you too. Let us know how we can help 😀 #keepingupwiththepylatsquad #stbedes #iefaitaga #pasifika #betterlivingeveryone

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Sneak peek just for our #islandpepe followers 🙌💜 New designs coming soon!

"talavou tatau mo Nana" Pretty like my Nana (Tongan) "hoko pe ka Papa" Strong just like Papa (Tongan)

These will be available right in time for Christmas! 🎄 Both baby onsies and toddler size t-shirts 👶👦stay tuned for more updates! 🌺🌴

#islandpepe #pasifikababyapparel #babyapparel #pasifika #tongan #talavou #hoko #toddler #learnthelanguage #smallbusinessnz

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Safe travels to this crew #Pasifika family #last ones to leave. Crazy fun 3 weeks with my Pacific nations in #Jerusalem. #Shabbat Shalom.

Pacific Islands Studies @ CCSF (@ccsfpacificstudies)

Tonight's class with is ngatu/siapo/tapa similar to the ocean? Comment below IG familia on what ur thoughts are #oceania #tapa #ngatu #siapo #ccsf #tapacloth #sanfrancisco #pacificislander #pasifika

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Navigation Shirts Online now🌴
Model Seamus

flo. New Zealand (

19 November 2017, Oriental Bay, Wellington, 4-6pm

flo. New Zealand is nearly ready to go but we need our own photos of REAL KIWI people with periods!
Do you have a uterus?
Do you have a body? (doesn't need to have all its original parts - we don't mind scars! doesn't need to be any particular shape or size - we are all human)
Would you like to try a menstrual cup or replace your existing one?
Do you own a pair of white pants/white bikini/want to be part of something awesome and happy to bring alone white clothes?

Yes? Yes? Yes? YES! *Do you have a snazzy camera - we also need a photographer, if you're keen let us know!* flo. Wants you to be a model for our website and online store launch! flo. is a place where kiwi people with periods can find everything they need to get through that time of the month. when Aunt Flo comes to visit we need a better way to deal with it than throwing hundreds of dollars down the drain (well, into the sanitary bin)

Bring your bum and your white clothes and let's have some fun! *this is not a professional photo shoot, flo. is a grassroots startup so we can provide you with a menstrual cup and refreshments as thanks but we can't pay you sorry!!! This is open to ALL PEOPLE WITH PERIODS - FTM trans guys, YOU ARE OFFICIALLY INVITED*

Invite your friends to the facebook event or tag them here! We will have 10 cups to give away on the day but will take your name if we get more than 10 people <3

The HoH Collective (@hoh_llc)

Never let the way other people feel about your dreams or ambitions keep you from perusing the things you truly believe in.

Christonite (@djx2nyt)

The amount of Respect 🙏🏿 and Love 💚 I have for this strong, beautiful and elegant woman I am lucky to call my wife has just gone tenfold after watching her endure the test of patience and pain in her traditional Samoan rite of passage called the Malu. And listening to @liaifaiva explain it's meaning and cultural significance really made me realise how important it was for her. I can't thank you enough Brother! Vinaka Vakalevu, Malo and God Bless you and your family! And to my Samoan🇼🇸 Fijian🇫🇯 Queen 👑, thank you for putting up with the biggest pain of all, yours truly 😚🏝️ ... #malu #Samoa #artofrespect #traditionaltattoo #tatau #culture #ink #pacificart #pasifika #woman #strong #strengthofawoman #wifegoals #lifepartner #1l1l #queen #samoanbeauty #elegance #graceful #blessed

Fiji NSWRL Bid (@fijinswcupbid)

@jarrydhayne38 backs Fiji NSWRL Bid "Fiji needs a competition like the NSW Cup. "We already have the blueprint through Petero Civoniceva, we just needs the sponsorship support,". "Fiji will be exposed in a big way, there is economic opportunity and it is easy to sell Fiji, a lot of people want to come and holiday here." "That's premier league competition, a step lower than the NRL. Whatever we learn in NSW Cup, we also learn in NRL." "We could start something special, there is so much talent that just gets washed away," Hayne said in Nadi yesterday."

Toni Pasion Moves (@tonipasion_moves)

Good time with Carlos Makali'i of Na Pua Me Kealoha and owner of SURFCORE Fitness, and Kailani of Mama Earth presenting our program to the kids at An elementary school in DTLA!
We presented dance from Hawaiʻi, Tahiti, and Aotearoa NZ.
For the next 8 weeks, students will learn dance and music of these cultures in the schoolʻs native garden. 💫🍂🍃🍂🍃

Fiji National Rugby League (@fijirugbyleague)

#Repost from @elonivunakece
This is real #fijimuscle 🇫🇯•
@pseci679 if you couldn't tell he loves training... Not only a rig but a genuine, humble, great person too. Started training at 13 trying to be like the older guys in his football club. 6 years later he was as big as them and now he dwarfs them all. •
Pio is now a Fiji Bati but his initial access to training was limited, yet he made do with what he had. He had a mango tree in the backyard to do chinups building up to sets of 10, supersetting with sets of 10 pushups. The legs work he did was running. Long runs and sprinting when he could. As fijians we are lucky that we can put muscle on with only a little stimulus. •
His diet consists mainly of taro, cassava, blanched leafy greens (I forget the name) and tinned fish. •
Arnold Was also a hero of his growing up and not many in the land look like him except for maybe @jay_13_fj and a few farmers I have bumped into along the way. •
Love your work brother. Body of art. Vinaka!!•
#pioseci #whatsyourexcuse #mesomorph #grow #leanmuscle #fiji #naturallyanabolic #size #strength #chest #arms #kvt #bati #pasifika #thefamily #bodygoals #summeriscoming #mychurch #musclessaynoisayyes #fascia #myostatindeficient #bigandhumble #afro #blondeafro